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Alfa Romeo Stelvio 6C Villa d’Este and Gt Junior: here are the special series that recall the past while thinking about the future

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The Stelvio 6C Villa d’Este and Gt Junior, both powered by the 2.2-liter turbodiesel with 210 horsepower, not just simple limited edition series. In fact, drawing inspiration from legendary models of the past characterized by different personalities, the exclusive one of the 2500 SS coupé which won the prize awarded by the public at the Eleganze Competition of Villa d’Este in 1949 and that of the Gt 1300 Junior which constituted the gateway to access to the world of Alfa Romeo in the 1960s. Yesterday as today, both denominations are based on the sportiness to which no car of the brand has ever abdicated. And to which he will never abdicate. These trends will also inspire the brand’s next cars, which will arrive at the rate of one every year until 2026 starting from the compact SUV Tonale, for now the name seems confirmed, which will debut in June, paving the way for the electrification of the brand with the hybrid version. plug-in. Considering this planning, the suggestions brought to the roads by the two new interpretations of the Stelvio come into play. In fact, as recently announced, the brand will move following the path of quality, profitability and sales volumes in this order. In practice, production modeled by real demand will be pursued to the maximum, to which Alfa Romeo will address as much with cars with a markedly exclusive personality such as that of the 6C Villa d’Este as well as with the fascinating, but accessible at the time, recalled by the Gt Junior.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio, as is the 6C Villa d’Este

This Stelvio underlines what it wants to convey with the name with the edition destined for Italy: 85 copies, for sale at 73,100 euros. The 6C Villa d’Este stands out externally for the Rosso Etna livery, made with a three-layer process, and the chrome finishes scattered on the bodywork, which rests on large 21 ”wheels. The personalization of the passenger compartment consists of the seats upholstered in beige leather, electrically adjustable at the front, the furniture with wood inserts and the specific upholstery stitching, as well as the embroidery and the 6C Villa d’Este silhouette on the dashboard. The standard equipment is very complete and also includes a series of Adas that generates level 2 semi-assisted driving.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio, photos of the new special editions

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio, how is the Gt Junior

This limited series of the Alfa Romeo SUV is not based on specific numbers, but on production over an estimated time frame until the end of the year. This interpretation is extrapolated from the Veloce set-up and is on sale for 72,750 euros. The GT Junior comes with the Ocher Lipari bodywork, clearly inspired by the ocher yellow of the sports car of the past, completed by the black frames of the rear windows, darkened at the rear. Again, the Stelvio’s sturdy build is supported by 21 ”rims. The interior houses the black leather seats, electrically adjustable at the front, and the upholstery with dedicated stitching and Gt Junior embroidery which on the dashboard, with aluminum inserts, are also complemented by the profile of the 60s model.

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