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Alfa Romeo, supercar hypothesis from 2023

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Alfa Romeo, supercar hypothesis from 2023

An exclusive limited-series Alfa Romeo supercar could soon have the green light for production and see the light within the next few months. According to reports from the British media Autocar, the CEO of Alfa Romeo Jean Philippe Imparato said that the project could be announced as early as March 2023: «Yes, we are working on something for a few. We have so many fans asking for something special, that we hope to be able to give them an answer in March next year. The project is not yet defined, but it is underway »said Imparato.

The CEO added that this limited series car will parallel the Alfa Romeo base range, which in the future will be expanded with the launch of a new model per year. The Biscione brand has presented a product plan to the Stellantis parent company until 2030: “Every year we will block the next five years of the product plan with Stellantis” explained Imparato. When asked if Alfa has planned larger and smaller SUVs than the Tonale in the future, he replied “yes and yes”. The smaller SUV will arrive in 2024 as a fully electric twin to the Jeep Avenger, although it will be significantly overhauled with very different characteristics. The largest SUV is intended as a replacement for the Stelvio, it will also be electric and is expected around 2026.

The Giulia replacement should arrive in 2025, which will be the first Stellantis model to be based on the Group’s next-generation electrical architecture. “It has 5G and new era technology that will bring something special to market,” Learnato said on this new platform, which will also bring a highly advanced new software suite to Stellantis. In addition to these models, Imparato has hinted at multiple options and body styles on the table, including roadsters, sedans and hatchbacks. «Electrification opens up so many opportunities from a design point of view, that very different body styles can be achieved using common Ev architectures» explained the CEO. “Alfa will go from zero electrified cars to zero emissions very quickly,” he concluded.

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