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Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone Prioritizes Efficient Services to Accelerate Project Construction

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Efficient Measures Taken to Boost Economic Development in Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone

The leadership team of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone have been actively working towards improving services and promoting economic and social development in the area. They have recently visited enterprises in the park and used a multi-department collaboration on-site office “consultation” to analyze the needs of the enterprises and implement targeted measures to enhance efficiency and convenience.

During a visit to Inner Mongolia Fluorine Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Xiande, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, focused on resolving existing difficulties faced by the “Fluorine Chemicals and High-end New Materials Industry Project.” He engaged face-to-face with the company’s representatives to brainstorm and provide suggestions on process optimization, link streamlining, and data preparation. The aim was to create favorable conditions for the enterprise to progress rapidly and accelerate the project construction.

The Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone have consistently prioritized development and have always placed the optimization of the business environment at the forefront. They have made significant efforts to provide high-quality, efficient, and convenient services that contribute sincerely to the development and growth of the real economy and numerous enterprises. The high-tech zones and demonstration zones have implemented innovative service measures such as “major project package alliances,” “top leaders follow the process and sit at the window,” “door-to-door service,” and “help on behalf of agents.” These measures combine policy interpretation and “diagnostic” services to proactively solve bottlenecks that hinder high-quality development and promote the development of complementary industries.

Another key industrial project, Inner Mongolia Benxing Chemical Co., Ltd., encountered a setback when the water supply pipeline was not connected, significantly affecting the project’s progress. Upon learning about the situation during the visit, Jiang Qingji, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee, and head of the Demonstration Zone Management Committee, listened attentively, inquired in detail, and recorded the issues reported by the company. On-site research was then conducted with relevant departments to propose solutions. For problems that could not be solved immediately, responsible departments were identified, and promotion measures were devised to effectively resolve key issues and improve the enterprise’s industrial scale and comprehensive competitiveness.

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To ensure timely and effective solutions for enterprises’ reasonable demands and better assist their development, Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone have adopted a “full life cycle” service model. This model includes the establishment of a special class, mechanisms, and a window for the “three One” service, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process of park enterprises, from start-up and construction approval to production and operation. This enables entrepreneurs to operate with peace of mind within the high-tech zones and demonstration zones.

With their new concepts and good work style, Alxa High-tech Zone and Demonstration Zone have been committed to excelling in all their endeavors. Through various innovative measures to optimize the business environment, they have effectively improved service efficiency, project speed, and development quality. This serves as an exemplary model for other high-tech zones and demonstration zones, providing institutional guarantees and a source of power for the high-quality development of the district’s economy.

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