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Amazon, revenues in Italy rise to 7.25 billion. You pay 345 million in taxes

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A trend that accelerated in 2021. In September, in fact, Amazon already reached its 2021 target, creating 3,000 new permanent jobs with a permanent workforce in Italy that now has more than 12,500 employees. Not only that, Amazon announces its willingness to make another 500 hires by the end of the year. The employment acceleration means that since its launch 11 years ago, Amazon has created on average more than 20 permanent jobs per week in our country.

Amazon’s investments in Italy

Amazon made direct investments in operations in Italy for over € 8.7 billion. This includes both capital expenditures (such as Amazon-built infrastructure, distribution centers, corporate offices, and data centers), as well as operating expenses (such as employee compensation).

In 2020 alone, the company invested over 2.9 billion euros in the country in light of the demand stimulated by the coronavirus emergency. Amazon’s current network in Italy includes more than 50 different sites. Only in 2021 did the distribution centers in Novara and Cividate al Piano (BG), and the sorting center in Spilamberto (MO) come into operation for a total investment of 350 million euros.

Amazon also announced the opening of its first distribution center in Abruzzo where 1,000 new permanent jobs will be created within three years of starting operations.

In recent years, Amazon has also opened dozens of sorting depots across the Peninsula. To serve Amazon Prime Now and Fresh customers, the company has four urban distribution centers in Milan, Rome, Turin and Bologna.

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