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Amazon settled with two big fake sellers: was permanently banned from selling on the platform-e-commerce-cnBeta.COM

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On October 9th, Amazon recently announced a settlement agreement with two American “opinion leaders” Kelly Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Kelly Krejci. Previously, these two “opinion leaders” used social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to promote counterfeit luxury brand products sold on Amazon.com and other online shopping sites and induce customers to buy them.

In a lawsuit filed by Amazon in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in November 2020, Amazon stated that these bad actors conspired to promote counterfeit luxury brand products on social media sites and drive customers to Amazon’s product links through the seemingly Ordinary, non-infringing products, to circumvent Amazon’s anti-counterfeiting measures, in fact deliver counterfeit products that they promote on social media to customers.


As part of the settlement agreement, Fitzpatrick and Kelly-Krejci will pay Amazon a settlement fund, which will be donated to charities, including the International Trademark Association (INTA) consumer awareness education campaign “Unreal”, which aims to provide The 14 to 23-year-old age group promotes the importance of intellectual property rights.

Fitzpatrick and Kelly-Krejci also agreed to fully and unconditionally cooperate with Amazon’s investigations and legal actions against the remaining defendants, suppliers, and other bad actors involved in the promotion and sale of counterfeit products.

Kebharu Smith, head of Amazon’s global counterfeiting team, said: “We are very pleased that this settlement allows counterfeit sellers to realize the harm caused by their actions and are willing to help follow-up investigations. Moreover, charities will also pay Benefit from the settlement. This incident also shows that Amazon will continue to work hard to find potential bad actors and hold them accountable.”

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According to the settlement agreement, without Amazon’s express written authorization, Fitzpatrick and Kelly-Krejci will be prohibited from directly or indirectly marketing, advertising, attracting, promoting or selling any kind of products in the Amazon store in the future.

At the same time, they also apologized for their bad behavior. Kelly-Krejci said: “Thank you for the opportunity to resolve this dispute and provide assistance to Amazon.” Fitzpatrick added: “I also want to remind other people who engage in such behaviors on social media that these behaviors can cause serious problems. as a result of.”


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