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Amazon to Expand its Presence in Miami, Creating More Jobs for Local Residents

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Amazon to Expand its Presence in Miami, Creating More Jobs for Local Residents

Amazon to expand presence in Miami, creating more jobs

The megatransnational Amazon is seeking to expand its presence in Miami, Florida, United States, with the acquisition of a large office space, as confirmed by a company spokesperson to Axios. This move is set to create more jobs for the residents of this southern city.

According to press reports, the e-commerce giant wants to take advantage of the technological boom and the city’s attractiveness for the rich, which has also led its founder, Jeff Bezos, to move from Seattle to the so-called “Sun City.”

Anonymous sources familiar with the matter indicated that Amazon began searching for the 4,645 square meters (50,000 square feet) of offices before Bezos announced his move to Florida. The informants indicated that the decision responds to the needs of the company and its workers.

Amazon currently has more than 400 employees in the Miami region, but this would be the first time it will establish a headquarters in the city. Amazon’s expansion in Miami is part of its organic growth in the area in recent years and promises more work in the area.

This movement coincides with the arrival of several billionaires and prestigious companies to Miami. Among them are Eric Schmidt, former chairman and CEO of Google, and Kenneth Griffin, an influential Republican donor and owner of Citadel, one of the largest investment funds. Griffin moved from Chicago to Miami last year. Now Amazon is also looking to expand in an investment city.

The city of Miami has become a popular destination for technology and finance companies looking to establish or expand. This has caused a “historic shortage” of quality office space in the Miami market, according to specialists.

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They explain that the availability rate of office space in Miami is now lower than it was before the pandemic in 2019. This implies that there is strong competition for quality office space, but Amazon is going for its own.

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