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An ETP on the “Terra” blockchain

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The blockchain is not only a service but also an investment object. 21SHARES AG, a Zurich-based company and leader in cryptocurrency ETPs, launches the world‘s first crypto ETP on the “Terra” blockchain on SIX Swiss Exchange. The ETP will be available in euros, dollars and Swiss francs.

Terra (ISIN: CH1145931015 Ticker: LUNA) is the second blockchain ecosystem in the world after Ethereum, with $ 18.8 billion in TVL (total value locked), where TVL is the key parameter that indicates the amount of assets used. to stake by investors in order to access a certain protocol on the blockchain. The 21Shares Terra ETP represents a solution for those investors looking for income from an ecosystem that is not based on the Ethereum algorithm, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The Earth ecosystem includes an infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi), applications for financial instruments and NFT solutions. But the most important innovation of this blockchain is represented by Anchor. Through the solutions offered to request and grant loans, the Anchor protocol offers investors very high returns. The Terra-based blockchain technology is able to process 10 thousand transactions per second and each transaction is processed within 2 seconds. Ethereum cannot process more than 15-30 transactions per second and takes over a minute to complete. Finally, the costs of transactions on Earth are also very low.

Massimo Siano, Head of Southern Europe at 21SHARES comments: “With Terra we strengthen our range which goes to 14 single cryptocurrency ETPs, 7 diversified basketball ETPs and 1 short ETP; the most complete cryptocurrency ETP platform in the world “.

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