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Analysts say iPhone 13 demand and healthy supply are also stabilizing-Apple iPhone

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After several weeks of shortage, the expected delivery date of Apple’s iPhone 13 series smartphones seems to have become relatively stable.Apple Insider quoted a report by JP Morgan Chase analyst Sam Chatterjee: Through continuous tracking of the arrival status of multiple market areas, it found that the delivery time of the iPhone 13/13 mini / Pro / Pro Max has generally become Relatively healthy and stable.


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(via Apple Insider)

The expected delivery time for iPhone 13/13 mini is around 13/12 days, while the average for iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max models is 32 days, which is consistent with expectations a week ago.

Even so, the market performance of the iPhone 13 has been relatively improved compared to the iPhone 12 series. In addition, the strong delivery time shows that consumers have a healthy demand for the iPhone 13 series of smartphones.

Inferring from this, the signs of disruption in Apple’s supply chain are also quite limited. Taking the US market as an example, the overall delivery time of iPhone 13 is better than average, iPhone 13/13 mini is about 11 days, Pro / Pro Max model is 28 days.

As for retail stores, the Apple Store in the US can provide same-day pickup services for non-Pro models, but Pro models are still temporarily unavailable.

As a comparison, the in-store pickup service in Germany is similar to that in the US (Pro model delivery is expected to be reduced from 30 days to 28 days). However, it should be pointed out that the US domestic market accounts for 35% of iPhone shipments, while Germany only accounts for 5%.

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The UK market also accounts for 5% of shipments. The expected delivery time of the iPhone 13/13 mini is 11 days, but the delivery time of the Pro model is 25 days, and only the former provides the same-day pick-up service in the store.

Of the four regions tracked by this report, the expected delivery time in the Chinese market has been delayed the longest. iPhone 13/13 mini are 19/15 days respectively, Pro models remain unchanged for 45 days, and in-store pickup is also limited to non-Pro models.

In the end, under the limited supply chain, Chatterjee still predicts that the entire iPhone 13 series will perform better than the previous generation iPhone 12 series.

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