Home Business “Angelini Industries ready to go shopping on robotics and hi tech”

“Angelini Industries ready to go shopping on robotics and hi tech”

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“Angelini Industries ready to go shopping on robotics and hi tech”

It was a turning point for Angelini. The group, which now presents itself with the new Angelini Industries brand, last year made the most important pharmaceutical acquisition in its history, now over a hundred years old: 500 million euros for Arvelle Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company previously owned by the Korean conglomerate Sk, focused on development of innovative third generation treatments for the treatment of epilepsies and exclusive licensee in the EU and other countries of the European economic area, for the marketing of cenobamate, an antiepileptic molecule judged to be highly effective by experts.

“An important decision for our group on a product of extraordinary effectiveness” comments Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Holding, the “control room” of a group firmly in the hands of the family, which closed the 2021 financial statements with a profit net of approximately 97 million and total revenues of more than 1.7 billion, with a slight increase on the excellent 2020. The transaction “strengthens the positioning of Angelini Pharma – one of the operating companies of the group – among the European players in the health sector mental, in line with our medium-long term strategy for the pharmaceutical sector »says Marullo in a conversation with Il Sole 24 Ore. With this acquisition, the company enters the markets of Northern Europe, UK, France, Holland, Switzerland and expands to Germany.

But alongside pharmaceuticals, which still represents 58% of the total turnover and which in the second year of Covid had a positive trend for traditional products – among many, Tachipirina stands out, but other brands are also very well known, including Moment and Tantum – a new trend is being consolidated, that of industrial machines. In this key is the recent decision to buy 100% of Fameccanica – of which 50% was in the hands of Procter & Gamble – a company in the province of Chieti, specialized in Factory Automation, leader in the sector of disposable hygienic products, with about 700 employees, three operational offices in Italy, China and North America and revenues exceeding 200 million.

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29% of the group’s revenues, on the other hand, is attributable to Fater, a historic joint venture with P&G, which produces and distributes Pampers, Lines and Ace brand products in Italy. Angelini Industries has over 600 million of its own resources (down from 800 after the Arvelle operation): is the reserve ready for new acquisitions? «We are ready to seize new growth opportunities, and not only in the pharmaceutical world, which remains central. We want to grow in industrial machines, robotics and automation. We aim to penetrate the US market, which has a strong demand for these technologies. Just think that 70-80% of the storage activity is far behind in automation ». Alongside the three strong segments, new businesses are growing, with two start-ups: «Angelini Consumer and Angelini Ventures. The first is a platform that offers services and products especially for parents and new families, so much so that we have launched a line of “Montessori” toys, and the other that will invest in digital health and biotech ». Finally, with a share of around 7% of revenues, the group is present in wine and perfumes.

2021 was also the year of some movements in the controlling shareholder structure: Maria Francesca Angelini sold her 16% stake in bare ownership to Angelini Finanziaria, the family safe, which bought them as own shares (as it appears from the Chamber of Commerce registration, of which the Sun is in possession), 68% in bare ownership with voting rights is in the hands of Thea Paola Angelini, executive vice president (wife of Marullo di Condojanni), while her father Francesco Angelini – the ” patron ”of the group – has 16% full ownership and usufruct on 100% of the company’s shares. Also in 2021, the affair connected with the complaint brought by Maria Giolla Angelini against her family members was also concluded, with the dismissal because the fact does not exist.

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