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Anima Holding, Fsi will rise to 9.6%. Grieco new president

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Anima Holding, Fsi will rise to 9.6%

Anima Holding renew the board with Alessandro Melzi d’Eril confirmed managing director e Patricia Grieco, leaving Mps, new president. At the same time, the Italian asset manager remains the ideal candidate on which to build future aggregations not only among asset management companies but also among credit institutions. “We can be of value for the banks” in the event of M&A also because “we have demonstrated flexibility and that we can add value and not take it away”, explains the CEO.

And also from this point of view, FSI which with the cancellation of over 17 million treasury shares, approved by the shareholders’ meeting, will rise from 9 to 9.6%, has invested in the group. “I think he decided to buy such a large amount because he sees a well-managed company with potential and a future”, notes Melzi d’Eril. Future that also passes by closing of the acquisition of 80% of Sgr Castello. Anima is presenting the “various filings to the Authorities” and “hopefully” the closing will be “by the end of May”, says the CEO. We are “very happy” with this operation which is part of “a strategy” that focuses “on alternatives with an institutional profile”, notes Melzi, recalling Anima’s nature as an “aggregator”.

Patrizia Grieco new president

Returning to the new board which will be made up of 11 members, in addition to Grieco and the CEO, from the list presented by bpm bank (first shareholder with 20.6%) were nominated Gianfranco Venuti, Costanza Torricelli and Giovanna Zanotti. Of that of Later (11.16%) and Caltagirone (3.2%) Maria Cristina Vismara and Fabio Corsico. Marco Tugnolo for FSI while Francesco Valsecchi, Paolo Braghieri and Karen Sylvie Nahum for Assogestioni. Finally, as for the partnerships, the one with Monte dei Paschi di Siena which will expire in 2030, “is very good, it has been going on for almost 15 years and to date – underlines the CEO of Anima – it is not in question”.

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