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Apple Car, now the hypothesis is a launch in 2025. The rumor is enough to push the title

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While the reality of Covid makes the return of employees to their desks postpone to February 1, not all together but in small groups, and smart working takes on the dimension of four weeks a year even while traveling, rumors about the object are filtered out again. more mysterious than Cupertino, the Apple Car. The project was started way back in 2014 and five managers took turns. The latest in order of appearance is a software expert, Kevin Lynch, the man who anointed the Apple Watch, but who is not an automobile expert.

Apple, as reported by Bloomberg, focuses heavily on a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel and without pedals, such as a minivan with passengers seated along the sides and a large iPad with controls in the center. It looks partly like the Canoo Lyfestile (but the steering wheel has it). The Apple would think of a launch in four years, in 2025. That was enough to push the stock to 2.85% and to hand over to Apple the top of the market caps, with 2,590 billion dollars, ahead of Microsoft (2,562).

Returning to the Apple Car, it is one mission impossible or not? So far the full self driving of Tesla (actually autonomous driving of level 2 and not 4 as it would have been in the wishes of Palo Alto) has still proved very deficient and dangerous (accidents are not rare). Waymo (i.e. Alphabet, i.e. Google) loses pieces in terms of personnel due to the difficulties encountered. Uber sold the autonomous driving division last year. The only concrete result for Apple – which for years, among a thousand inferences, has been credited with looking for an industrial partner, from Hyundai to Volkswagen – would be the processor. The chip was designed by the Cupertino giant’s silicon engineering group, which designed the processors for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, not within the automotive team. The work included refining the software that runs on the chip to make autonomous driving a reality. The first tests would be in the starting phase, with a fleet of 69 Lexus SUVs.

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The effort, therefore, continues. And it also goes through the purchasing campaign, given that in recent years there have been many defections, including infighting and layoffs. The most sensational was that of the head of the project and vice president Doug Field, former chief engineer of Tesla. Since September he has switched to Ford. Thus, moved Lynch from the Apple Watch to the four wheels, CJ Moore, former software director for Tesla’s autonomous driving, was hired and with him many other engineers of the Elon Musk house. In recent weeks, Apple has also reached out to an air conditioning systems expert from Volvo Car, a manager from Daimler Trucks, battery systems engineers from Karma Automotive, a cruise sensor engineer from General Motors, automotive safety engineers from companies such as Joyson Safety Systems.

The tech giant led by CEO Tim Cook is also hiring software engineers to work on “human interaction experiences with autonomous technology,” according to Apple internal notes, suggesting that the car’s user interface is under development. The software would be based on a technology similar to the iOs operating system, that of the iPhone.

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