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Apple Car, the iCar could arrive in 2025 with a fully self-driving car

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New rumors about Apple’s “Project Titan”. According to the Bloomberg news agency, the Cupertino company has accelerated plans with the aim of launching the iCar (or Apple Car, it is not yet known what it will be officially called) already in 2025 with different characteristics than what has been leaked so far. . In fact, the project would have been completely revised to create an electric vehicle with Level 5 Sae autonomous driving systems, therefore completely automated. And this seems frankly unlikely.
In any case, the vehicle would still be equipped with emergency devices to allow the driver to take control in case of danger. Bloomberg talks about a car without a steering wheel or pedals, with an interior designed as a lounge with infotainment systems for passengers. Who, using the Lifestyle Vehicle of the US startup Canoo, would sit on the sides of the vehicle, facing each other, like in a limousine. According to Bloomberg, the launch could take place as early as 2025.

In this regard, the agency underlines that Apple is looking for job positions in the role of “expert mechanical engineer” to guide the development of systems with critical functions for safety and software programmers “for human interaction with autonomous technology “. In addition, the Californian company has recently “enlisted” additional specialists, including CJ Moore – Tesla’s former head of software for autonomous driving – as well as a Volvo technician, a Daimler executive and engineers from Karma Automotive, General Motors and other car manufacturers and providers. A sign that something is “brewing”.

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As for production, the intention to rely on external partners would be confirmed, with the hypothesis of collaboration with Hyundai. Apple would discuss agreements with multiple manufacturers and consider making the vehicle in the United States. Further topics discussed by the project leaders would relate to charging devices and operating models for creating a fleet of vehicles that can compete with those of Uber, Lyft and Waymo.

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