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Apple, doubts about Vision Pro: “it causes headaches”. And Buffett cuts stocks

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Apple, doubts about Vision Pro: “it causes headaches”.  And Buffett cuts stocks

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What if the honeymoon between Apple and the new owners of the Vision Pro was already over? It’s an important question, one that comes from the United States, where several technology sites (such as The Verge) tell of a debut that is anything but simple for the new product launched by the Cupertino giant.

Apparently, in fact, in recent days testimonies have been multiplying (especially on social media) from Vision Pro owners who want to return their $3,500 viewers. Partly because Apple allows returns within 14 days of purchase (so there is a segment of curious people who, after a short test, will retrace their steps because perhaps they cannot afford the object). Partly because there are some problems, and the main one would be comfort.

There are several users who appear to have experienced headaches and even motion sickness, during or after using the Vision Pro. The weight of the device, and the fact that most of it is on the front, is another frequent complaint. Parker Ortolani, product manager of The Verge, is even convinced that the use of the visor caused him to break a blood vessel in his eye. It must be said that users who have had experiences with virtual reality viewers have often reported dryness and redness of the eyes in recent years. And Vision Pro is likely to be no exception.

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A difficult start

Apple’s headset, presented last year, arrived on shelves a few days ago. And it has already created a lot of debate. Mark Zuckerberg also spoke about it in the last few hours, claiming that the Meta Quest 3 viewers (produced by Meta) are better than the one produced by Apple. Certainly, for Apple, the clouds of a potential technological flop are worrying.

The Cupertino company was not called to make big (financial) numbers with Vision Pro: it is still a niche product and has an absolutely high price to reach the masses ($3,500). However, there is a piece of innovation at stake, a sector in which Apple usually makes little mistakes. The next few weeks will be decisive in understanding whether the trend of Vision Pro replacements will grow, becoming a coincidence.

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