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[Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro model exposure: camera module has new surprises]_models

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Original title:[Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro model exposure: new surprises for camera modules]

Apple will continue to launch the new iPhone 13 series models (also known as the iPhone 12s series) in September, which will still include the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Recently, a digital blogger posted spy photos of a model allegedly of the iPhone 13/13 Pro. Basically consistent with the previously exposed news, the new iPhone 13 series will basically continue the design ideas of the current model, still adopting a flat middle frame and full-screen design with bangs, but the area of ​​bangs has been greatly reduced.

The back of the machine still has a rear square camera module. The iPhone 13 is equipped with dual cameras with a diagonal layout, while the iPhone 13 Pro has a rear three-camera + LiDAR scanner. And it is expected that the whole system will be equipped with SLR-level sensor anti-shake technology as standard.

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