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Apple Watch Pro renderings re-exposed_Display_Device_Watch

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Apple Watch Pro renderings re-exposed_Display_Device_Watch

Original title: Apple Watch Pro renderings re-exposed

Apple Watch did not expect to become the dark horse of this year’s discussion. The most discussed at this conference must be our iPhone 14, but after the iPhone 14, the most discussed is Apple’s wearable device, Apple Watch Pro.

Perhaps the reason why the Apple Watch Pro is so discussed is that this is the first time a Pro version of the watch has been released.

Apple Watch Pro is an Apple smart watch for outdoor extreme sports crowd. The rugged titanium case and flat design (the edges of the current Apple Watch screen are slightly curved) greatly enhance the Apple Watch Pro’s durability and impact resistance.

Recently, a relevant whistleblower released a new CAD rendering of the Apple Watch Pro, which provides a closer look at the device’s design.

The renders show the Apple Watch Pro including a new physical button on the left side. The new keys are visible in the CAD drawings, shown below three holes that could be speakers.

CAD renderings from industry sources show the Apple Watch Pro with a larger display. It will feature the largest display to date on an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Pro measures 49mm, which means the device is quite chunky.

The digital crown, the CAD display dial has a more solid look compared to the current version. Both the Digital Crown and the side buttons are mounted on the protruding part of the side case of the Apple Watch Pro, which makes it easier for users to use. The screen on the Apple Watch Pro is completely flat, unlike the Apple Watch Series 7.

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The Apple Watch Pro is expected to have a larger screen (expanded to 1.99 inches) and battery, and is expected to sell for $900 to $1,000.

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