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Apple’s Beijing branch was fined 50,000 yuan for refusing to renew for illegitimate reasons-Apple Apple-cnBeta.COM

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On October 12, the Tianyancha App showed that the Xidan Branch of Apple Electronic Products Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was recently punished by the Beijing Xicheng District Market Supervision Administration for violating the “Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China.” The fine information pointed out that the main illegal facts are:On December 26, 2019, consumers purchased an iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone and an Apple Care+ service plan from the party concerned, and enjoyed a merchant discount of RMB 270.


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Apple Online Store (China)

In November 2020, consumers went to the parties to request them to provide annual renewal services, and the parties refused on the grounds that the consumers had enjoyed commercial discounts during the purchase.

Many parts of Apple’s official website mention the annual renewal plan when purchasing a designated new mobile phone as long as the purchase of the Apple Care+ service plan can enjoy the annual renewal service.

The parties’ failure to effectively prove that they had reminded consumers to enjoy commercial discounts during the purchase, which would affect the exercise of the rights of the New Year Renewal Plan.

Without effective risk warning, the party refuses to provide the Renewal Service on the grounds of the “iPhone Renewal Plan cannot be enjoyed at the same time as any promotion, discount or discount”. This reason shall not yield to justified reasons. .

It is reported that Apple Care+ is a paid service launched by Apple. According to Apple, most Apple products can enjoy a one-year hardware warranty service and up to 90 days of free telephone technical support during the limited warranty period.

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It can also provide up to two accidental damage warranty services every 12 months, and the corresponding service fee will be charged each time.For example, if the iPhone’s screen or glass backplane is damaged, only a service fee of RMB 188 can be charged to replace the new screen or glass backplane.

At the same time, purchasing Apple Care+ service plan will automatically join the iPhone Annual Renewal Plan.After joining the renewal program, users will be able to upgrade to the next new iPhone with a discount of 50% of the retail price paid for the iPhone.


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