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Apple’s official website crashed on the first day of the pre-sale of the iPhone 13 series

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In the evening of September 17,AppleiPhone 13 series of smartphonesApplePre-sales are launched on the official website and major e-commerce platforms. Soon after the pre-sale started, all platforms encountered a “second miss” situation.AppleThe official website also appeared stuttering and unable to pay.At about 21 o’clock in the evening, the topic “Apple’s official website crashed” boardedWeiboNumber one in the real-time hot search list.

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The pink iPhone 13 is sold out on Tmall in 3 minutes!Apple’s overnight replenishment

At 20 o’clock on September 17, the iPhone 13 series officially opened for pre-order. The most popular pink model in the booking on Tmall platform is really popular.It was snatched up in less than 3 minutes.

Tracking found,Apple is replenishing the Tmall flagship store overnight, and some models have resumed normal purchases in a short period of timeIf you want to get the iPhone 13, especially the pink version, you may continue to pay attention to channels such as the Tmall flagship store.

Previous data showed that as of the afternoon of September 16, more than 3 million people had booked the iPhone 13 series on Tmall, and the new pink model was the most popular.

In fact, after the official release of the iPhone 13, the pink model rushed to the hot search immediately, and many netizens also ridiculed that Cook really understands the preferences of male users too much.

It is reported that the official flagship store of the Tmall Apple Store is directly operated by Apple. All iPhone, iPad, Mac and other products sold in the store are authentic and licensed. At the same time, it provides official pre-sales and after-sales services, shared inventory, and more abundant goods. (Article Source: Fast Technology)

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(Article Source: Interface News)


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