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Arca Active Coupon Fund 2026: Opinions

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Arca Active Coupon Fund 2026: Opinions

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February 9, 2024

Arca Cedola Attiva 2026 (ISIN: IT0005510273) is a mutual fund proposed by the management company Arca SGRi.e. the branch of Banca BPER that deals with asset management on behalf of the various subsidiaries of the group.

Maybe your advisor suggested this mutual fund to you to invest in, or you came across it and want to know more.

In any case, you are in the right place: today we will see together all the characteristics of this fund, its costs, risks and at the end we will also find the opinions.

Let’s start!

This article talks about:

Arca Fondi SGR: a presentation

Arca Fondi SGR is an asset management company that belongs to the BPER Banca group. It deals with the management of investment funds and the main managed savings services offered by the BPER group, including capital accumulation plans (PAC) and savings investment plans (PIR). Furthermore, since 2023, the company has opened a private equity branch to also deal with investments in startups and promising unlisted companies.

The company currently has over €30 billion under management, making it one of the most important asset management companies in Italy. Furthermore, it is one of the most active in the management of funds that specifically deal with investing in ESG instruments, to promote environmental sustainability and climate transition.

The Features of Arca Active Coupon 2026

Arca Cedola Attiva 2026 is a new fund available for subscription from 17 October to 30 December 2022, unless early closure.

It is therefore a new fund given that it was put up for subscription only 2 years ago.

It is a flexible bond fund without benchmarkwhich can be subscribed from 17/10/2022 to 30/12/2022, a period in which it is mainly invested in financial instruments relating to the short part of the yield curve, bank deposits and liquidity instruments.

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What he invests in

Let’s see the fund will mainly invest in bond instruments of sovereign issuers, international bodies and corporate issuers of both adequate credit quality and lower quality, denominated in currencies of the G10 countries. The fund may invest to a limited extent in subordinated and hybrid bond instruments. Investment in securities representing risk capital is excluded. The average financial duration of the Fund is between 0 and 6 years.

The geographical areas they are mainly the G10 countries. The Fund may be exposed to exchange rate risk to a residual extent.

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The benchmark

Now let’s see something very important. The benchmark represents a reference index of a fund, and is usually the one that allows the comparison between the performance of a fund and indeed a reference to understand its past returns and its performance.

In this case the bottom, being flexiblehas no benchmark, which means that there is no index to take as a reference.

Subscription method and revenue distribution policy

L’minimum investment is 100 euros and the subsequent minimum payment is always equal to 100 euros.

I proceeds instead they are distributed semiannually. This means that it is a fund with income distribution, suitable for those who are looking for a periodic income.

The first coupon will be calculated with reference to the last share value of June 2023. The distribution of proceeds may be higher than the net result achieved by the Fund in the reference period; in this case, the part of the distributed amount represents a return of capital also for tax purposes. The Board of Directors of the SGR has the right not to proceed with any distribution or to reduce the amount in relation to the trend in the value of the shares and the market situation. After the payment of the last coupon, the Fund will be merged into another Fund of the SGR.

The risk of Arca Cedola Attiva 2026

The fund’s risk profile is identified by a score of 3 out of 7. Considering that 1 is the lowest risk score, 3/7 still indicates a fairly conservative risk profile. It is not a product suitable for those looking for long-term investments that offer the maximum potential for share appreciation, but valid for those who are unable to tolerate high temporary losses.

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The detention period recommended by Arca is 5 years.

The costs of Arca Cedola Attiva 2026

It is always important to consider the costsi.e. the commissions you have to pay when you decide to invest, because they are precisely the ones that impact the final return.

The subscription fees are equal to 0, while the reimbursement costs amount to 1.20%.

The current expenses instead they amount to 0.65%, and are those that are withdrawn from the fund in a year.

The performance fees are expected, while there are no subscription fees.

Know that if you choose a mutual fund, the costs can really “cost” you very dearly, even if it seems like a turn of phrase.

If this concept is not completely clear to you, I recommend you download our free report in which we explain how overly expensive products can “silently” devour your assets.

Performance scenarios

As the fund will only be operational from 2022 there is no data yet relating to the past performance of the fund.

Don’t know how to invest?

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Affari Miei’s opinions on Arca Cedola Attiva 2026

On Affari Miei we have never supported mutual investment funds much, regardless of the specific characteristics of Arca Cedola Attiva 2026.

What I do to you is in fact a general discussion: these are very expensive products, with an intrinsic conflict of interest between placer and customer, which leave no control to the investor and instead leave extreme freedom to the manager.

If you are interested in understanding more about these products, we have a free report in which we explain the critical issues of these products in detail: reading it could help you save thousands of euros every year.

If you have had the opportunity to read other content here on Affari Miei, perhaps you will have understood and seen that in our investment strategy we prefer to use ETFs, which are just like investment funds but are listed on the stock exchange.

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Who is fine with the fund and who isn’t

Due to its very flexible nature, this fund is useful for those who want to put themselves totally in the hands of managers of Arca and blindly trust that they will make the best possible choices to invest our capital in bonds.

If you belong to the category of investors who prefer to delegate almost “blank” the management of their savings and you believe that the managers will do their best to protect your interests, then it can be an interesting product.

The fund, however, is not suitable for those who have an investment horizon of less than or much longer than 4 years or for those who want to invest their capital in shares to obtain a high potential for long-term revaluation.


If you decided to read this guide it is most likely because you were asked to invest in this fund and you felt the need to find out more about it. This is a great start to becoming an informed investor and saver: seeking independent information can help you avoid bad choices.

If you are curious to discover the behind the scenes of managed savings, conflicts of interest and the very high costs of open-end mutual funds, I recommend you download and read our free report in which we review all their critical issues.

In case you are interested in finding out more about how My business approaches the world of personal finance and investments, however, you can start from here.

Before leaving you, I would also like to leave you with some guides that you can read to broaden your knowledge:

See you soon and good investments!

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