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“Are the Chinese now copiers or innovators?”

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“Are the Chinese now copiers or innovators?”

What can German companies learn from this story?
One possible explanation is that at some point China became too complacent and only looked out for itself, saying: The Europeans can’t do anything to us. If so, then they’re just copying us. Germany must prevent this complacency.

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You write that German and Chinese cultures are “very compatible in many areas.” What are you up to?
The countries are united in their economy by a culture of engineers and inventors. This has a major impact on China’s private sector: the engineering and entrepreneurial spirit is producing many new hidden champions, especially among medium-sized companies. In our discussions we focus very much on Huawei, BYD or multinational state-owned companies, but in the shadow of these large companies, the Chinese middle class is growing strongly. Today it represents 70 percent of all technical innovations in China.

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