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Ariya, the formula of the electric crossover according to Nissan

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Ariya, the formula of the electric crossover according to Nissan

Presented in 2019 at the Tokyo Motor Show a few months before the devastating covid pandemic Nissan’s electric suv-coupe, the intriguing Ariya had to deal with a longer gestation than expected, so much so that only at the beginning of 2023 it will be in sale throughout Europe, including Italy. 460 cm long, the new model is based on the Cmf-EV architecture for electric cars of the Renault Nissan Alliance that has already created the Megane E-Tech. It fits between the Qashqai crossover and the X-Trail SUV.

The completely new style propels the Nissan brand into future electrification. The cockpit as well as being well finished breaks with the tradition of the Japanese brand as it offers a more minimalist approach. The Ariya offers batteries of 63 or 87 kWh while the autonomy is between 403 to 533 km with powers from 218 to 306 hp and is available in both front-wheel drive and integral. But let’s get to the offer of fittings: Advance from 63 kWh costs 51,400 euros or almost 58 thousand 0 euros from 87 kWh both 2WD. The Ariya Advance, on the other hand, with 87 kWh 4WD costs 62 thousand euros. The 63 kWh Evolve costs 54,400 euros or 61 thousand euros from 87 kWh both 2WD. Finally, the top of the range the 87 kWh AWD Ariya is on the list at around 65 thousand euros. Let’s move on to the interiors where the instrumentation and infotainment are managed through two 12.3-inch screens, to which is added a useful color head-up display and a virtual assistant, to be activated with the Ehi Nissan command. Noteworthy are the touch buttons on the dashboard and central tunnel that appear only when the car is running. Furthermore, the entire on-board system is updated via the Internet and there is also the possibility to remotely control some functions from the smartphone which can be used instead of the keys for more digital access to the car. The first driving test of the new was on the 63 kWh Ariya with a power of 218 hp which is combined with a torque of 300 Nm as well as being credited with a limited speed of 160 km / h for a total range of 403 km. . The four-wheel drive it was equipped with uses two electric motors that have the task of regulating both the driving force and the brake on the four-wheel drive, operating on the basis of the different conditions reported by the road surface that is being traveled at that moment. In traffic the Ariya turned out to be brilliant and precise, in short, an electric doc, but also in the mixed outside the door it showed low consumption in 16 kWh / 100 km also thanks to the limits in some extreme cases imposed on Swedish roads and motorways.

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Good calibration of energy recovery that never compromises the driving feeling of the brake pedal. The Nissan Ariya driver assistance system is completed by the ProPilot with Navi-link, able to adapt the speed of the car both according to the speed limits in the corners as well as in the ramps that lead to the motorway exits.

Also included in the basic equipment of the Ariya is the Safety Shield package which includes safety technologies including emergency braking to which is added the recognition of pedestrians or cyclists and also the involuntary lane departure warning. The three driving modes that manage steering hardening by 20% are useful. All this is combined with a perceived comfort both in the passenger compartment and when driving.

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