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Armani does not rule out a merger or hypo

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Armani does not rule out a merger or hypo

by Verità&Affari editorial team

“Independence is one of the founding values ​​of everything I have created and certainly the one that I have guarded with the most tenacity, to the point of obstinacy. I think that independence from large groups can still be a driving value for the Armani group in the future, but I don’t feel like ruling anything out. What has always characterized the success of my work is the ability to adapt to changing times.” She stated it Giorgio Armani in an interview with Bloomberg.

“At the moment I don’t foresee aacquisition by a large luxury conglomerate, but as I said I don’t want to exclude anything a priori because it would be an “unentrepreneurial” action, he explained, adding that “the quotation It’s something we haven’t discussed yet, but it’s an option that could be considered, hopefully in the distant future.”

As for the succession“I think the the best solution would be a pool of trusted people close to me and chosen by me. This would also be the most strategic option, given the breadth of activities in which the group is involved. I started alone with a small company and transformed it, piece by piece, into a group of international importance, thanks also to the precious contribution of the collaborators I chose along the way. The scenario now is very different than when I started, so I imagine more coordinated functions for those who come after me, which is much more efficient.”

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