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Army orders new guided missiles from German-Israeli company

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Army orders new guided missiles from German-Israeli company

The Army is replacing the old anti-tank guided missile called TOW with a new surface-to-surface missile system. Armasuisse opted for the Spike LR2 system from the German-Israeli company Eurospike. Details on the package of millions will be communicated later.

As Armasuisse announced on Tuesday, the chosen type of weapon is already being used by various European armies. In the evaluation, the system had the highest military utility value and was also the most attractive offer from an economic point of view.

How many pieces of the new weapon are to be procured and how expensive the package will be is the subject of clarifications. Details would be presented to Parliament with the army message in 2024, it was only said. Until then, the relevant information is classified.

The new ground-to-ground guided missile is intended to ensure that the ground troops of the Swiss army can engage armored targets over long distances. (aeg/sda)

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