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Artificial intelligence eliminates food waste (which costs 9 billion)

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Artificial intelligence eliminates food waste (which costs 9 billion)

Food waste? They cost 9 billion euros

In a historical moment characterized by a dramatic climate crisis it’s yes increasingly violent natural phenomenathere is no doubt need to eliminate, or at least limit, waste and maximize resources. The drought of the winter that has just ended and the serious floods that hit the country in the spring, as well as the tragic international situation, make clear the urgency to make the best use of the resources we have.

Secondo il report diffuso da Waste Watcher International Observatory on Food and Sustainability, according to data collected in January 2023, in Italy about 75 grams of food are thrown away every dayor 524.1 grams per capita per week e 27.253 kg per year. A waste that, at the domestic level alone, is worth 6.48 billion eurosfigure that rises dramatically, touching i 9 billion euros, if we also consider the waste that occurs upstream, in the production and distribution chains.

Artificial intelligence against food waste in restaurants

“Given that the issue of food waste is a matter of social responsibility, as well as economic” explains Vincenzo Liccardi, creator and founder of the innovative FOODCOST IN CLOUD platform “I believe it is more essential than ever to place new technologies at the service of catering, to computerize the processes of supply, conservation and distribution of raw materials to optimize their use and limit waste.”

“If the goal, as also stated by the UN Agenda, is to halve food waste by 2030” continues Vincenzo Liccardi “it is clear that to achieve it and make the entire food sector more sustainable, the contribution of individual operators is needed. For this, we have come up with Foodcost in Cloud which combines in one software all the functions necessary to make a company in the catering field sustainable. Indeed, given the complexity of restaurant management, it would be unthinkable to keep all the necessary parameters under control to avoid waste, optimize resources and keep creativity high, without the aid of a computer system. Therefore, in collaboration with a pool of experts, we have developed a management control system capable of autonomously and automatically managing the ordinary and extraordinary activities of production, control and management in catering. In other words, through the fusion of AI, Machine Learning and Cloud, we have put technology at the service of catering to increase sustainability and reduce waste.”

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“Concretely” continued Vincenzo Liccardi “this revolutionary restaurant management software consists of three levels, dedicated to production; to management and business. Among these, the Executive area is central to limiting waste and optimizing resources. Executive allows you to systematize and plan work in the kitchen and laboratory like never before. In addition to the collection of recipes, in fact, this area allows you to systematize them in a functional and interactive way, linking them by ingredients and processing processes. But the real peculiarity that makes FOODCOST IN CLOUD revolutionary is that Executive allows careful management of the ingredients, calculating their quantities according to specific needs and planning the conservation, blast chilling and reviving processes; all by automating the traceability of raw materials and, therefore, the real production costs.”

Equally important in this sense is the level: Restaurant Management, which thanks to the FIFO logic, first in first out, allows you to track the entries and exits of products from the warehouse in real time and remotely; so as to be sure of not having waste and enhancing all the products. In addition, it allows you to freely manage the profit margins for each category of recipe, starting from the cost of raw materials and assigning the relative business costs to each sale – Full Cost.

Restaurant business, the third level, is dedicated to business development and consists of various smart functions essential for better managing all the other resources equally important for the sustainability of the country and the company. Operating Balance is a very powerful control tool for daily monitoring of economic performance and cash flow. Budget allows you to monitor work sectors, such as: food and beverage, personnel and other costs, outlining expenses and productivity. Finally, in the case of franchises and chains, Multi-company access allows for the control of each single location, relating one to the other and all with the main Company.

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Clearly, all these functions can be exercised remotely, with simple clicks.” “I think that FOODCOST IN CLOUD, like many other applications that are now emerging” concludes Liccardi: “is an important element in contributing to the creation of a more sustainable system, essential for combating the climate crisis, reducing costs and actively participating in the recovery of the our country”.

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