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Artificial intelligence? No, thanks: SMEs still focus on human capital

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Artificial intelligence?  No, thanks: SMEs still focus on human capital

Artificial intelligence, investment in new technologies does not stand out among the corporate priorities

Valuing the human capital it is not (yet) such an age-old practice e unfashionable. Among the priorities of entrepreneurs and managers of Italian small and medium enterprises stand out in addition to sales e profitability the search for personal. Second indeed one studio conducted by I-Aer on a sample of 914 companies in 2023, company owners and directors are betting everything on the management of uncertainty with a focus on revenuesmarginality and strength Work.

Absolutely in the background investments in innovative technologies like theartificial intelligence. “For Italian companies, in fact, 2023 is the year of caution”, he said Fabio Papaprofessor of economics and founder of I-AER, Institute of Applied Economic Research – research center specialized in monitoring the Italian entrepreneurial system.

From the study conducted in collaboration with Aida Partners PR, the results relating to new technologies, such asartificial intelligence, are quite surprising. “The data available to us show a entrepreneurial system strongly worried. The fourth quarter of 2022 closed with a substantial slowdown in performance for over 73% of the sample analysed. As a result, this has defocused the attention of many business owners from the theme of investments, to reposition itself on the fundamentals of business management”.

The data provided by I-AER goes even deeper and focuses on strategic priorities that small and medium-sized Italian companies see for 2023. “In this regard, says Pope, the three areas of absolute importance that emerge from our study concern thebusiness development activitiesconsidered strongly necessary by 9 out of 10 respondents, the control of profit margins important for 8 out of 10 interviewees and, last but not least, a review of personnel search and selection policies, essential for 6 out of 10 interviewees”.

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