Home Business Asking the world M5 is about to deliver follow-up models will have Huawei’s high-end autonomous driving-Sina Motors

Asking the world M5 is about to deliver follow-up models will have Huawei’s high-end autonomous driving-Sina Motors

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IT Home News on January 8th, Yesterday, Xiaokang shares stated at an investor telephone exchange meeting that Xiaokang has created a new model of joint cross-industry cooperation. Regarding the question of whether Xiaokang is a foundry, Xiaokang made it clear thatWe didn’t do a foundry before and now, let alone a foundry

Xiaokang shares stated that according to the strategic agreement and joint business cooperation agreement signed with Huawei and related agreements, the company and Huawei are long-term partners. In the automotive business from R&D to manufacturing to delivery, the company is responsible for R&D, manufacturing, delivery, service and creating a full life cycle user experience;Huawei is deeply involved in product definition, quality control and channel sales

Regarding the issue of whether SF5 (configuration|inquiry) will be discontinued, Xiaokang said that SF5 and Wenjie M5 are both Cyrus models, and the company will continue to introduce new models to continuously meet the needs of more users. For the company,Will not take the initiative to stop production of models, as long as users have demand, the company will produce and deliver, SF5 is like this, the company will not voluntarily stop production.

IT Home learned that Xiaokang shares pointed out at the investor telephone exchange meeting thatAsking M5 will be delivered in small batches in February, and batches will be delivered in March. The M5 is mainly produced at the Liangjiang plant in Chongqing, which can produce 30 units per hour and 15,000 units a month. The models in the second half of the year will be produced in another plant in Chongqing, which will not affect the production capacity of the M5.

In terms of Huawei’s autopilot system, Xiaokang said that Huawei’s autopilot is different from Tesla’s autopilot. Huawei’s autonomous driving is vehicle-road coordination, which requires the cooperation of vehicles and roads. Without road coordination, the auto-driving of the car will not play out. Tesla’s autonomous driving is the self-adaptive autonomous driving of the car, and the road is only an assistance. Auto-driving car-road coordination not only means that my car will not hit the wall, but also that other people’s cars will not hit me. The high-end autopilot technology of this car-road coordination is very advanced and requires time data verification.The company’s follow-up models will definitely have Huawei’s high-end autonomous driving


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