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Askoll relaunches the challenge of the Italian electric scooter

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Askoll relaunches the challenge of the Italian electric scooter

More style and technology. These are the two basic ingredients of XKP, the new electric scooter from Askoll from Vicenza which, with Made in Italy, relaunches the challenge to the Chinese by entering a new market segment. The name, an abbreviation of “Escape”, is a bit the technical and stylistic manifesto of the new model which, with its short and tapered tail, with the well-integrated light unit, the low rear mudguard, naked bike style, integral with the transmission group and the large LED headlight, it is a clear step change in the design of the Italian brand. The look clearly winks at the younger clientele, openly challenges competitors like Niu and anticipates the EM1, Honda’s first electric “scooter”.

To conquer millennials and generation Z, the new XKP leverages connectivity and digital technology. The instrumentation is, in fact, digital, very complete and is organized with a 5-inch display capable of displaying the most important information. In city driving, even with the sun, it is easy to read with little reflections. Above the instrument cluster, behind the small fairing, there is also the smartphone holder (by the Italian Givi).

But the most important technological innovation is the new App (another “young” element through which it is possible to manage the most important information relating to the scooter, not least its position and, in the event of theft, block its operation, the all remotely.In addition, it is possible to share digital keys with the household

«With the launch of XKP – explained Gian Franco Nanni, managing director of Askoll Eva – the public we address is expanding, in fact the goal is to position ourselves on a younger target than the current Askoll buyers. The restyling of the more sporty lines and the technological contents are certainly two aspects of strong attraction for this type of public that is always connected». The scooter is an evolution of the ES series and, therefore, compared to the more structured NGS, it has a visible handlebar, which looks very 70’s scooter, the shield is small and not very protective, but on the other hand and is driven like a bicycle (it weighs 71 kg and the seat height from the ground is 76 cm). It is stable when cornering, thanks also to the 16 wheel rims with 90/80 tires on the front and 110/70 on the rear. The comfort is also good on the pavé of Milan. Valid brakes improved compared to the old models: thanks to a 220 mm disc at the front and a 190 mm disc at the rear. There is both a side stand and reverse (not really essential) but useful in some situations.

Askoll XKP is available in two versions: L1 (equivalent to a fifty with driving at 14 and costs 5,100 euros) and L3, drivable at 16 years with A license offered at 5,300 euros. L1 reaches 45 km/h, while L3 goes up to 66 km/h. The two 1.4 kWh batteries, which feed the 2.7 kW motor, as per Askoll tradition, are removable. They have been renewed in the structure (they weigh 7.6 kg each) and in the BSM system for management. Each pack, with handle . The range is 87 km for L1 and 90 km for L3. The batteries are recharged in about 6 hours.

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