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At 34 he invented himself as a virtual assistant for lawyers

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At 34 he invented himself as a virtual assistant for lawyers

Her profession is called “virtual assistant”, but she is, in reality, very real. Nothing to do with ChatGpt apps or artificial intelligence. She is a 34 year old real girl, who goes by the name Iva Stoilkova, of Bulgarian origin, but with a perfect Milanese accent. Diploma in business management technician with ten years of experience as a secretary in law firms, during the pandemic and becoming a mother, she thought about reinventing her job. That of a virtual assistant, precisely. A profession born in America, at the beginning of the nineties, and which has recently been gaining ground here too. So much so that an association was born, which already brings together several dozen of these new workers.

The choice of VAT

Reinvent a job, but starting from what you already knew how to do well. And so, in the new profession, launched at the end of 2022, Iva has created a specialty for herself, one of a kind: virtual assistant for law firms. “I’m a kind of secretary who works remotely – she explains -. I help lawyers in the back office, electronic invoicing, accounting or organizing their agenda or meetings.”

His ideal client is clearly a smart lawyer, who is familiar with the web and who has understood how the world of work has now dematerialized. And how much efficiency matters, more than presence in the office. “Well, this aspect is important. Basically you need to be very helpful and patient. The client expects the best from me, even if I work remotely,” adds Iva.

Courses and activities

Before starting the business, he attended several training courses to learn how to best use digital platforms, acquire knowledge on how to be found on the web and understand how to get his first customers. The results have arrived. “I earn from this job, but above all I manage to reconcile private life with work. When I decided to get involved, in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, I had just become a mother. I was looking for something stimulating that would allow me to manage time for my family, without having to give up my career. So I found this profession, which was in its infancy in Italy, and I started.”

Iva also thinks big, looking to his future. If the customers increase significantly, he will be supported by collaborators and will better structure his business. But in the meantime he will continue to train and study, with new courses and taking that degree, which he had to leave halfway through.

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