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At 34, I became an associate partner at Porsche Consulting

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At 34, I became an associate partner at Porsche Consulting

Tim Dereymaeker became an associate partner at Porsche Consulting at the age of 34. Tim Dereymaeker/Porsche Consulting

Tim Dereymaeker started working at Porsche Consulting, a leading German management consultancy and subsidiary of the sports car manufacturer, at a very young age.

At the age of 34, he was promoted to one of the company’s youngest associate partners.

If you want to become a manager at one of the largest management consultancies in the country, you have to have a straight career from the start – or so you might think. But 35-year-old Tim Dereymaeker from Düsseldorf proves that it doesn’t always have to be very strict. His career took many turns. Now, at 35, he has reached a major milestone for himself: a year ago he became an associate partner at Porsche Consulting.

It wasn’t clear for a long time that it would come to this. Until he graduates from high school, the young Dereymaeker is primarily interested in music. He wants to be a musician, preferably with his band, and is interested in rock music. However, when he completes his community service as a surgical assistant, he realizes that he would rather do practical work.

So, at the age of 20, he chose a dual business degree, and three years later he completed an internship at Mercedes-Benz USA in New York. He combines this with a semester at California State University Fullerton. He completed his bachelor’s degree in logistics management at the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl in 2012.

My heart doesn’t beat for retail

Tim Dereymaeker

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(Associate Partner at Porsche Consulting)

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