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Atitech doubles in 2023: it goes from 220 to 500 interventions planned on aircraft

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Atitech doubles in 2023: it goes from 220 to 500 interventions planned on aircraft

Atitech, after the acquisition in September of the assets of Alitalia Maintenance in Fiumicino, effectively doubles the capacity. The president, Gianni Lettieri, talks about it on the occasion of the convention held in Capodichino. If in 2022 the activities on aircraft had reached 220, in 2023 – thanks to the increase in hangars, production lines and expansion of the workshop park – the number of jobs will exceed 500. Added to this is the considerable strengthening of line maintenance activities, i.e. the one carried out on an aircraft on a daily basis.

There are now 32 airports where Atitech offers this type of service to its customers: 21 in Italy and 11 abroad, in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Today Atitech has around 1,500 employees and boasts a broad portfolio of certifications. Its client base is made up of over 30 companies, including airlines from all over the world, institutional and governmental bodies.

Convention in Capodichino

Second appointment with Atitech employees. After last month’s convention in Fiumicino, during which the president Gianni Lettieri met the personnel taken over by Alitalia Maintenance for the first time, it is now the turn of Capodichino’s colleagues. “Two events. A single goal – explained Lettieri at the beginning – A single vision». And he reiterated: “To share a single vision with Naples and Fiumicino: Atitech and Alitalia Maintenance which, finally united, add skills, structures and professionalism that are unique in Europe”. During the event – ​​which was held in Atitech’s Avio 2 hangar in Capodichino and was attended by 1,200 people including employees and family members, as well as some representatives of partner companies and institutions – the institutional video and the one dedicated to the company’s first sustainability report, certified by Deloitte. The president Gianni Lettieri recalled how, according to a research conducted by the German institute ITQF in collaboration with the newspaper La Repubblica, Atitech obtained a score of 100 out of 100 in the category “transport and airport services” making it the first company where people in this sector want to work.

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Mafredi: “The Municipality supports those who create jobs”

On stage, in addition to Gianni Lettieri, the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi recalled in his speech that «Atitech, thanks to the work put in place by Gianni Lettieri in recent years, has become a productive reality of national and international value. The company is able to combine manual skills with advanced technology, creating extraordinary development opportunities for the area. From this point of view, as a Municipality and Metropolitan City we are strongly committed to favoring the conditions for entrepreneurial paths that are increasingly useful for creating employment and bringing our city to the top – it is appropriate to say – in the world“.

De Luca: «A strategic vision is being achieved»

«Atitech is an excellence of the entrepreneurial panorama of our territory. – the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca declared from the stage – It has become so with the work and sacrifice of the management team and all the employees. Just three years ago we celebrated the company’s thirtieth anniversary here, and today the strategic vision and objectives announced by Gianni Lettieri are confirmed, as well as the expectations of the large family of staff who contribute decisively every day to concretely develop programs and projects . Today is an important day because in drawing up the extraordinary balance of the last few years, a new phase of great corporate perspective opens up, which will always see the Region accompanying initiatives that contribute to the social and economic revitalization of our territories”.

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