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AT&T Network Failure Leaves Millions of Users Without Service

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AT&T Network Failure Leaves Millions of Users Without Service

AT&T users left incommunicado after massive cell phone network failure

Millions of AT&T users were left without service this Thursday, February 22, 2024, in a failure of the cell phone network that also affected Verizon, Cricket, and T-Mobile customers. The outage led to people using social platforms to connect to Wi-Fi networks or home internet providers like Spectrum to publicize the issue.

According to the Downdetector website, over 75,000 AT&T customers reported failures, while Cricket had more than 13,000 users without service. Verizon and T-Mobile also had reports of service outages, with Boost Mobile and StraightTalk seeing similar issues affecting their customers.

However, users with MetroPCS, which uses T-Mobile towers for coverage, were unaffected by the outage. This led to some people boasting online that they were the only ones not incommunicado that day.

Cities in large metropolises are urging the population through social networks to locate a landline phone if they need to call 911 due to the service interruption.

AT&T acknowledged the problem but did not provide a reason for the system failure or an estimated time for service restoration. The company recommended using Wi-Fi for calls until service is restored.

Fort Worth police confirmed on social media that they were aware of the outage at AT&T and other providers but assured the public that the blackout does not affect calls to 911.

The outage caused frustration and inconvenience for millions of users, significantly impacting communication and access to emergency services. While AT&T is working to restore service, affected users will have to rely on alternative means of communication until the issue is resolved.

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