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Audi A3 Sportback and Q3, full LED headlights are now standard

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Audi A3 Sportback and Q3, full LED headlights are now standard

Technology has radically changed the way cars are used, starting from the equipment connected on board to accessories capable of exponentially increasing safety. In addition to driving aids, headlights have become a key component in ensuring safer journeys. Precisely for this reason Audi has decided to include Full Led headlamps in the standard equipment of the A3 Sportback and Q3. Specifically, the front and rear light units with full LED technology will be present at no additional cost on the A3 Sportback in the S line edition configuration and Audi Q3 starting from the Business set-up, second level in the price list.

Led and Full Led headlights, what they are and how they work

LEDs are semiconductors capable of converting electrical energy into light. In terms of efficiency, they can count on an exceptionally low energy consumption with a high light output. As for visibility and comfort, they are characterized by a visual homogeneity of reference, increasing safety: brake lights made with diodes attract more attention and activate two tenths of a second faster than incandescent lamps.

At 100 km / h, the braking distance of a following vehicle can be reduced by up to six meters thanks to the superior reactivity induced by the driver. The full LED headlights, in detail, include the dipped headlights, the high beams, the daytime running lights, the lights for driving on the highway, characterized by the automatic increase in depth, the direction indicators, the cornering lights and the -weather lights to reduce self-glare in low light conditions.

As for the rear light clusters, the full LED configuration integrates the dynamic direction indicators, able to favor the perception, especially at night and at long distances, of the change of direction, further to the advantage of safety.

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