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Audi Rs e-tron Gt, this is how the electric sports car goes and how it is made: the most powerful model of the Four Rings

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The Rs e-tron Gt is the most powerful model of both the four-ring electric-only brand and all the series production models in Audi history. In fact, the boost mode increases the power of its powertrain from 598 to 646 horsepower, placing it above that of the R8 supercar even if only for a few seconds. Like the less vigorous e-tron Gt quattro, which can only offer 530 horsepower, it is a four-door touring car based on the J1 architecture of the Porsche Taycan ma. However, the e-tron GTs are not only formally different from their Stuttgart relative but have also been developed and tuned by Audi Sport.

Audi Rs e-tron Gt, the devil and the holy water

Can the diabolical temptations of performance somehow be blessed with electron-impregnated holy water? To understand this, we tried the only Audi Rs powered by a battery from the center of Milan to Forte dei Marmi, but with a slightly unconventional mode for commuter vacationers. That is, alternating the motorway with the ups and downs of the winding state road of the Cisa pass. A total of 280 kilometers, two thirds of which on the motorway with the Efficiency configuration and the rest with the Dynamic configuration to verify how much the dynamism of this e-tron satisfies the pleasure of driving on a tortuous route and weighs on the autonomy.


Audi e-tron Gt, the photos of the test of the electric super-sports car

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Audi Rs e-tron Gt marries sportiness with appreciable usability

In the record-breaking e-tron Gt, you sit in the driver’s seat by stepping down into the low sports seat and then you are faced with a vertical steering wheel and in the field of vision everything you need is within reach. Apart from the silence with which the battery-powered Rs moves, you immediately get the feeling of having to deal with a Gran Turismo Doc which, however, remains comfortable even when you squeeze it, accompanied by a “synthetic” tone inspired by that of a petrol V8 engine. In spite of its mass and length, it is rigorous and very agile in the succession of curves, as well as confidential. A feature impressed both by the low center of gravity and the weight equally distributed on the two axles and by the speed with which the electric four-wheel drive formed by the two engines distributes the traction, assigning it totally to the rear, as well as by the setting of the adaptive pneumatic suspensions and, in our case, also from the optional rear-wheel steering. Thus, this Rs always remains balanced and well manageable even when the power and instant torque are exploited suddenly, the maximum peak of which reaches 830 Nm.

Obviously, going up towards the Cisa pass, the battery charge stressed both by the pace and by the mass, close to twenty-four quintals, dries up quickly but while going down the autonomy anxiety is reduced thanks to the effective energy recoveries in slowdowns and braking decided. Therefore, upon arrival in the on-board computer, the autonomy item reports 38 kilometers compared to the 354 reported at the start. In truth, a distance that does not correspond to that of a full of electrons that is really close. To return to Milan we only went on the motorway but not only using the Efficiency mode, which among other things limits the speed to 140 per hour but without blocking it like a cruise control, traveling 250 kilometers and reading on arrival on the on-board computer. an autonomy dropped from 345 to 77 kilometers.

Audi Rs e-tron Gt, rationally functional and hi-tech

The muscular and aerodynamic silhouette of the e-tron Gt is reflected somewhat in the passenger compartment only with the rear inclination of the roof. Beyond this, the wheelbase that reaches 2.90 meters together with the flat floor, but cleverly hollowed out at the rear to allow passengers to stretch their legs a little, generate a large interior, particularly in the front area. The environment is finished with care and is furnished with a design that breaks away from the canons of conventional Audi, in which innovation, tradition and ergonomics are combined. In fact, the digitization impressed by the configurable 12.3 “cockpit and the 10.1” central touch display of the central infotainment facing the driver does not retire many physical switches. They are clearly identifiable, close at hand and, in the end, are more practical than those often hidden in the infotainment display. The system can be activated by voice, can be integrated with devices even if wireless only with Apple CarPlay and with electrification functions. The latter comes with two load compartments: a 405-liter rear and an 81-liter front one.

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