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Auto, registrations in July in Italy are growing

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Auto, registrations in July in Italy are growing

In July, 119,207 cars were registered against the 109,611 registrations registered in the same month of the previous year, equal to an increase of 8.75%. The announces it Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. I property transfers there were 498,970 compared to 376,716 passages registered in July 2022, with an increase of 32.45%.

Il global sales volume monthly, equal to 617,677, 19.30% involved new cars and 80.70% used cars. Registrations represent the results of the National Vehicle Archive as at 31.7.2023, while the data relating to ownership transfers refer to the certifications issued by the Motor Vehicle Offices in July 2023.

“In July 2023, the Italian auto market is on the rise again, but the slowdown in growth already seen in the previous month continues, and it compares with a slight decline in July 2022 (-0.8%) – he states Roberto Vavassori, president of Anfia. The gap to be filled compared to the volumes of July 2019, in the pre-pandemic period, is 22.3%. While the summer will bring with it a physiological drop in sales, the much-invoked remodulation of the incentives for the purchase of green cars is expected, to give a more effective boost to the spread of very low and zero-emission cars and guide consumer choices towards the mobility decarbonisation objectives of the European Green Deal”. (Ticker)

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