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Auto, the hoax that “green” will reduce pollution

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Auto, the hoax that “green” will reduce pollution

Car sales in March and the hoax that going green will reduce pollution

Acea data on registrations in Europe in March demonstrate, if still needed, that the electric car is, to put it like Minister Pichetto Fratin, “Rich Stuff”. And this is even more true in Italy where the high cost of battery-powered cars (on average il 30% more than the same diesel and petrol models) adds to the almost total lack of a network of recharging stations on the road network.

The data gap between the rich North and South of Europe emerges clearly from the green market shares in the various EU countries. Electric cars catch up only 9% in more than half of the states center– oriental and southerners of the Union where the average net income is 13,000 euros. Conversely, the higher odds ( 30% and above ) are found in the five Northern and Western European countries where the income exceeds 32 thousand euros.

Useless then the mini spot incentives for the purchase of the green car if they remain isolated initiatives and not supported by a real project for the electrification of the country. In the face of a large Frian Biden in the US which provides discounts of up to $7,500 for those who buy electric cars e investments of 800 million dollars to enhance the network of refueling units, in Europa (and in Italy) we are still faced with mini incentives in the desert of top-ups.

More: while in the US there is massive investment in electricity but the US president’s plan envisages maintaining a 30% market share for diesel and petrol by 2032our bureaucrats a Brussels have completely canceled the endothermic engine without a project to support a green revolution that affects industry and consumers.

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Italy risks the perfect storm

In this not brilliant context, Italy stands out, even in March, in the negative. Despite a slight increase, we retain indeed the last place for registrations in absolute value of cars “with the plug” (9%). And our country is also last in the ranking by market share of plug-in hybrid cars for the quarter. Also on the front of the control units we are clearly behind.

But the lack of EU support for the “green revolution” risks also have repercussions on strategic sectors such as tourism and the welcome. The flow of holidaymakers to our country comes precisely from those northern European nations where the market share of the green car is already reaching 30%. Difficult to think that a tourist with an electric car choose a destination where there are few charging points mainly concentrated in the large cities of Lombardy and Veneto.

A perfect storm, therefore, the one created by the fanatical environmentalists of the European Union, which affects workers, consumers and the entire country. With the increasingly concrete risk that an already old fleet (on average 12 years) will become even more ancient and polluting when the sale of internal combustion engine cars is prohibited and most citizens will not be able to afford to change cars.

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