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Autostrade, Acs offers 10 billion to Atlantia

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On the day of the first Board of Atlantia called to discuss the offer of the consortium made up of CDP and funds, the blitz arrives that can change the cards on the table. Florentino Perez signs it, and puts wings on the stock market to the title of the holding. Spanish construction group Acs led by president of Real Madrid contacted the holding to buy its stake in Autostrade per l’Italia valuing the company up to € 10 billion. In a letter, it is emphasized that “given the strong relations between the two groups and the successful Abertis acquisition”, Acs believes that “Aspi is a very interesting asset perfectly consistent with its long-term strategies”. The 9-10 billion valuation of Aspi arises from “public information” and from “some initial high-level valuations carried out in advance by Acs” and is considered by the Spanish manufacturer as “attractive”. The same fork – adds Acs – as well as the final amount that it will be willing to pay for Aspi will depend on the approval of the new Pef and the go-ahead for the transaction by the competent authorities. «As a major shareholder of Atlantia, we welcome the offer from Acs. The offer is far superior to the offer made by CDP and its partners, ”says Jonathan Amouyal

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