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Bai Rui Ying: 3000 points of grinding disc can shrink again jqknews

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The three major indexes were mixed on Monday. The broader market opened lower and fluctuated, barely holding the 3,000-point mark. In terms of plates, it turned red in an all-round way. Papermaking, construction, seed industry, environmental protection, etc. topped the list, while airport shipping, coal, automobiles,bankKitchen and bathroom appliances plate green plate.

closing time,The Shanghai Composite IndexIt closed at 3004.14 points, up 2.58 points, or 0.09%. The turnover is 300 billion.Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 10765.63 points, down 44.25 points, or 0.41%, with a turnover of 371.4 billion.GEM refers toIt closed at 2228.07 points, down 16.90 points, or 0.75%, with a turnover of 130.2 billion. In Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, a total of 3,847 stocks rose, 956 stocks fell, 165 stocks were daily limit, and 32 stocks were lower limit.

Bairui’s market outlook after winning:

The three major indexes diverged throughout the day, the Shanghai Composite Index rose slightly, and the ChiNext Index fell volatile. On the disk, the papermaking sector was strong throughout the day. Infrastructure stocks have collectively strengthened, and individual stocks in the sector have set a limit-up trend. Pharmaceutical-related sectors were stronger in the afternoon. On the downside, coal,bankWait for the blue-chip sector to slump throughout the day.

Technically, the stock index is clearly differentiated.Shanghai IndexRepeatedly sawing around 3000 points, the indicator of bottom-hunting and top-scoring continued for 15 minutes, and there was no effective resistance for the time being.Cash flowThe willingness to enter is not strong. The long-short demarcation indicator continues to run underwater, and the market is temporarily short.

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In terms of strategy, the volume can shrink again. As we said before, there is a possibility that the market can see the price of land. The low volume shows that the funds are reluctant to sell, and the possibility of a large number of short-term selling is not high, which means that it is difficult to appear. Large-scale sell-off risk. But at the same time, there will also be problems such as rapid switching of hot spots, poor continuity of individual stocks in the sector, and increased difficulty in operation. Therefore, as long as you maintain a good attitude at this time, don’t panic too much, control your positions, and wait for the emergence of land prices.

(Article source: Berry Win)

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