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Bai Rui Ying: Short-term fluctuations are violent and should not be too aggressive jqknews

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【Pre-market interpretation】

On Friday, the market was again blocked at the 3150 point platform and fluctuated within a narrow range.Shanghai IndexOpened high and closed in the red at the end of the session, while the Shenzhen market performed slightly weaker and ended in green. In the early stage, we reminded the rebound to pay attention to the performance of volume and energy. It has indeed become an important factor for the rebound of the shackled index. We maintain the previous point of view on this. If there is no effective increase in volume, continue to be alert to the risk of falling back.

On the disk, the oil and gas sector rose sharply, and auto stocks strengthened again. The market continued to show the characteristics of rapid rotation of sector hotspots, but most sectors fell significantly in the afternoon. In terms of decline, the Internet, home appliances,semiconductor, real estate and other top decliners. The market fell more and rose less, and the overall activity was not strong. The short-term style should be restrained, and it should not be overly aggressive.

On the technical side, the Shanghai Index has stepped out of the small cross star, and the pressure here is significant. Although there is still room for the upward movement, the upward resistance is gradually increasing. Pay attention to rallies to lighten up positions. At the same time, the index has the risk of deviating from the top in 60 minutes, and the 15-minute level of the bottom-hunting indicator also turns from red to green. In the short-term, there is a technical risk of stepping back in small minutes. Control positions and be alert to callbacks.

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Recently, the market has been consolidating repeatedly. In addition to technical pressure, capital has repeatedly suppressed the index to control the rhythm of the rebound, digested the power of short selling, and cleaned up excessive speculation. Objectively speaking, the market has a strong anti-fall performance now, and the short-term trend is also well repaired. There is still operability, and you can pay attention to controlling your positions. In operation, keep about 50%, stop losses in time for stocks with bad trends, and intervene on dips for stocks with good quality. In terms of direction, in infrastructure, we will focus on the high trend of sentiment benchmark stocks and the rotation of new and old hotspots; in consumption, we will focus on pork, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, which continue to benefit from international inflation.The second is those that have undergone long-term adjustments and the country has actively invested in military spending for R&D and expansion.Military industryand resources with strong short-term trends, pay attention to the leading role of coal in resources.

【News side】

Shanghai releases action plan to speed up economic recovery and revitalization! It involves eight aspects and 50 policy measures.

According to the action plan, Shanghai will cancel the approval system for enterprises to resume work and production from June 1, and at the same time introduce a series of policies to stabilize foreign investment, promote consumption and expand investment. Shanghai will reduce the burden on market players. In addition to rent reduction, it will also reduce or exempt property tax and urban land use tax for eligible enterprises, and provide non-resident users with three months of water, electricity, andnatural gas10% financial subsidy. Shanghai will focus on mass consumption, increase the quota of 40,000 non-commercial passenger vehicle license plates during the year, reduce the purchase tax of some passenger vehicles in stages according to the requirements of national policies, and give a one-time 1 to individual consumers who replace pure electric vehicles. 10,000 yuan subsidy to support large-scale commercial enterprises and e-commerce platforms to issue consumer coupons, support cultural and creative industries, tourism,sports industrydevelopment, and vigorously promote the accelerated recovery of consumption.

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【Short-term hot spots】

May 26, 2022 Digital ExpoData SecurityForum is held.Lei Nan revealed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is studying the preparation of the “PromotionData SecurityGuiding Opinions on Industrial Development, which will support the orderly opening and in-depth utilization of data elements.

  AVICRecently announced the proposed share swap absorption mergerAVIC ElectromechanicalMilitary industryThe listed companies held by the central enterprises in the sector have strengthened one after another, and many institutions have given positive prospects for the sector.

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