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BAIC Blue Valley Robotaxi, built in cooperation with Baidu, has officially mass-produced the vehicle cost 480,000 yuan-Baidu 百度

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Recently, BAIC Blue Valley said when answering questions from investors,The Robotaxi model jointly developed by the company and Baidu has completed the preliminary technical development and officially mass-produced, Please pay attention to the company’s official announcement for product sales. On June 17 this year, ARCFOX and Baidu jointly released the new mass-produced shared unmanned vehicle Apollo Moon.


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The car is based on the Arcfox Alpha T (ARCFOX αT) model, andEquipped with Baidu’s lidar solution, with 800TOPS computing power, it can realize L4 autonomous driving, and the fusion design of lidar + camera ensures the vehicle’s accurate perception of the surrounding environment

Not only that, the sensors outside the car are also equipped with self-checking and self-cleaning functions, which can drive safely in complex weather and complex urban road conditions. In addition,The new car also has functions such as mobile phone taxi, face/Bluetooth unlocking, automatic door opening and closing, etc.

It is reported that the cost of the vehicle is 480,000 yuan, Creating conditions for the large-scale commercial application of shared unmanned vehicles.

ARCFOX’s intelligent IMC platform architecture also lays the foundation for Arcfox Alpha T (ARCFOX αT) to support the fifth-generation Robotaxi driverless technology.

Cooperating with Baidu to build BAIC Blue Valley Robotaxi officially mass production: the cost of the vehicle is 480,000 yuan

This architecture has undergone high-standard design and verification testing and is mature. It can meet multi-model planning, various product definitions, and the deployment of multiple key technologies and key systems. It has upgradeable cloud services and allows ARCFOX to be the first to be equipped with intelligent new technologies. Application Ability.

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The shared unmanned vehicle has a NEDC endurance of 653 kilometers, Which helps vehicles to complete long-distance unmanned operation and has more practical value.


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