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Banco Bpm, record profitability: dividend rises to 0.23 euro

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Banco Bpm, record profitability: dividend rises to 0.23 euro

Banco Bpm, record profitability and dividend rises to 0.23 euro

During 2022, despite the difficult macroeconomic situation, the group bpm bank has registered one profitability at record levels which made it possible to achieve a net result of 703 million euros (+23.5% compared to 2021), which rises to 886 million in terms of adjusted net result (24.8%), and represents the best result since the birth of the Banco Bpm group. In particular, i operating income show a significant performance, amounting to 4,706 million with a growth of 4.3% compared to 2021, thanks to the positive contribution of the interest margin (+13.4% y/y) and the contribution of the insurance business. This dynamic, together with the careful management of costs, has allowed the achievement of a cost/income ratio pari al 54,0% an improvement compared to 55.8% in 2021.

Loan adjustments down 23%

The loan adjustments to customers amounted to 682 million, down by 23.1% compared to 31 December 2021, while ensuring the maintenance of a solid loan coverage profile. The gross result from current operations rose to 1,311 million compared to 921 million in 2021, with growth of 42.4%. Also in terms of supporting the economy, very significant results have been highlighted: the performing net loans “core” (consisting of mortgages, loans, current accounts and personal loans) reach 102.8 billion with a growth of 3.3% compared to 31 December 2021; The volume of new loans to households and businesses reaches the amount of 26.5 billion, an increase of 17.1% on an annual basis.

Dividend growing also in 2023

Furthermore, the board of directors resolved to propose the payment of a fee to the next shareholders’ meeting cash dividend per share of €0.23 (against €0.19 in 2021), gross of legal withholdings, for a total amount of 348.5 million. This distribution, if approved by the shareholders’ meeting, will take place on April 26, 2023. Furthermore, the excellent results recorded in 2022 make it possible to increase the 2023 profit target: earnings per share higher than 0.6 euros compared to the 0.49 euros originally envisaged in the strategic plangrowth rate considered sustainable also in the following years on the basis of the current macroeconomic scenario.

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