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BancoPosta Mix 1: Reviews and Opinions, Is it worth it?

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BancoPosta Mix 1: Reviews and Opinions, Is it worth it?

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November 29, 2023

I’ll go back to talking about savings and investment products that are offered by Poste Italiane, with BancoPosta Mix 1a mixed bond mutual investment fund, which seeks to offer higher returns than the decidedly paltry ones currently offered by government bonds.

In the guide that I am about to present to you, I will analyze all the fundamental aspects of this product, to decide in complete autonomy whether or not it is worth investing in it, or whether or not we should instead stay away from it.

BancoPosta Mix 1 is one of the most advertised products by Poste Italiane: if you want to find out more, continue reading.

This article talks about:

What is BancoPosta Mix 1

BancoPosta Mix 1 is a financial product, a actively managed mutual investment fundwhich has a portfolio invested 80% in government bonds and liquidity funds, and the remaining 20% ​​at most in shares.

It is therefore a full-blown bond fund, which aims with its equity component to offer fund participants higher returns than those offered by the world of bonds, a world which as you will know well if you follow My business for some time, it has been offering very low returns for a few years now.

The bulk of the investments made by the fund are in securities issued nominally in Euros, with 30% in other currencies (mainly US dollars) and the remaining 10% invested instead in emerging countries.

Fund management

The management of the fund is in competition between BancoPosta Fondi SGR and Anima SGR, a very active management company in Italy that controls an important and significant amount of the market.

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The BancoPosta Mix 1 risk profile

BancoPosta Mix 1 has a profile of risk of 2. I remind you that the risk profile is a synthetic index from 1 to 7, with 1 representing the minimum risk and 7 representing the maximum risk.

With BancoPosta Mix 1 we are faced with a product that has a risk profile basso but not therefore non-existent.

We must therefore carefully evaluate whether this is the investment method that best suits our needs: how much are we willing to risk? What are the needs we have as investors? Do you want to risk less and settle for potentially even lower returns?

Move towards a less risky product. If, however, you want to look for a higher return, look towards riskier products.

The average composition of the fund is 80% in bond instruments, represented largely by securities issued by European state authorities.

On average 20% is invested in shares; all financial instruments are denominated mainly in euros and up to 30% in other currencies.

The fund can invest up to a maximum of 30% in emerging countries.

To be precise we have:

Short-term European government bonds Medium and long-term European government bonds Corporate bonds of large-cap companies Global government bonds

The benchmark

This fund compares management choices and results with a reference index or basket, composed as follows:

5% Short-term European government bonds (ICE BofAML Euro Treasury Bill Index – Ex Transaction Costs); 35% Euro Area Government Bonds (ICE BofAML Euro Government Index – Ex Transaction Costs); 25% Bonds of large-cap European ESG companies (ICE BofAML Euro Large Cap Corporate ESG Tilt – Ex Transaction Costs); 15% Global Government Bonds (ICE BofAML Global Government Index – Ex Transaction Costs); 10% Emerging Countries Government Bonds with exchange rate risk coverage (ICE BofAML Diversified Emerging Markets External Debt Sovereign Bond Index – Ex Transaction Costs); 10% Global ESG Equities (MSCI ACWI ESG Leaders Net Return EUR Index).

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The fund does not aim to replicate the composition of the benchmark and the degree of deviation from the benchmark is limited.

How can I subscribe to the fund?

It is possible to participate in the fund with Single Payments, with a minimum starting amount of at least 500 euros, with subsequent minimum payments of 100 euros.

BancoPosta Mix 1 can then also be included in Accumulation Plans, i.e. PACs, with an initial minimum payment of 50 euros, with payments that can then be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or half-yearly of 50 euros and which can be paid for a minimum period of 1 year up to a maximum of 12 years.

Don’t know how to invest?

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Is it worth subscribing to BancoPosta Mix 1?

BancoPosta Mix 1 is a product that shares strengths and weaknesses with all the other mutual investment funds on the Italian and European markets.

On the one hand we have a completely managed form of investment, which allows us not to worry at all about how the investment proceeds, because ultimately the management company will be committed to searching, within the limits of the statute, for the best possible return .

On the other hand we have instead exorbitant costs for management, which will erode the possible profit that we will achieve with the fund, a potential profit that is however relatively low, as much as the risk profile offered.

Taking this into account we will be faced with a fundamental decision: do you want to take care of your own affairs or pay someone else to do it, even at such high costs?

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We are faced with a puzzle that, if you consistently read the pages of my site, you should be able to solve on your own!

Additional helpful resources

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Good continuation.

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