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Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch: Make every effort to provide financial services at outlets to meet the needs of residents’ financial services_Customers_People_Services

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Original title: Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch: Make every effort to provide financial services at outlets to meet the needs of residents for financial services

Shanghai Securities News China Securities News (Reporter Sun Zhong) On June 17, the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China and the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau held meetings and issued notices, requiring all banks to provide financial services at their outlets to meet the financial service needs of residents. Shanghai Branch of Bank of Ningbo earnestly implements the regulatory requirements at all levels, and actively takes measures to ensure that the financial needs of citizens are met with high quality.

Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch always maintains a political position, takes providing high-quality and efficient financial services as its mission, pre-plans and prepares in advance, and strives to be the first to meet the financial needs of citizens. On June 1, the 24 branches affiliated to the branch provided various services to citizens in an all-round way, achieving full coverage of the city’s administrative regions. On June 6, after finding that the demand for offline financial services increased rapidly, the branch immediately issued a notice to organize each branch to evaluate the passenger flow and optimize the service process, so as to avoid the situation of long waiting time for customers. On the basis that service outlets should be fully opened, service hours should be extended, and service capabilities should be maximized, business reception and guidance personnel should be added, financial services and convenience facilities should be added, and employees should be called on to smile more, say more greetings, and have more cups Boiling Water arranges a special person to receive the key customer groups who are older, unwell, inconvenient, and difficult to operate who need assistance services, and convey the financial warmth with professional services.

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In the next stage, Ningbo Bank Shanghai Branch will continue to maintain a political position, practice the political and people-oriented nature of finance with actions, and aim at “zero dissatisfaction, zero delay, zero complaint, and zero insufficiency” to be a “warm” company. bank. The first is to ensure the supply of services. The queuing situation of business outlets, the amount of cash receipts and payments, the needs of key customers, etc. were analyzed, and the service plan was adjusted in time according to the analysis results. The extended service mode on weekends and weekends was implemented for outlets in central urban areas, such as Huangpu, with a large passenger flow. The second is to do a good job of remote support. The branch strictly implements daily remote monitoring, finds situations such as high service demand, and provides timely resource support, such as dispatching additional support teams to assist customers in grooming, etc., to ensure customer experience. The third is to guarantee cash services. Each branch increased the cash reserve in stock, increased the stock limit of the branch, and tried to satisfy the reasonable large-amount cash withdrawal demand of customers. In case of emergency demand, the cash supply was guaranteed according to the emergency allocation plan. Fourth, improve the emergency response mechanism. Improve the plan for the backlog of customers, blocked business processing, delayed services, etc., and further enrich and improve service models such as opening emergency windows, distributing heatstroke prevention materials, and comforting excited customers. Political and people-oriented, and fulfill the social responsibility and mission of financial institutions as the “bigger of the country”.Return to Sohu, see more

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