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Barilla: strategic agreement with Algida in the ice cream sector

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Barilla and Algida announced that they have entered into an alliance for the enhancement of some iconic Italian brands to strengthen their presence in the ice cream market. “The collaboration is based on values ​​common to both companies – primarily the commitment to sustainability – and is based on innovation and Made in Italy production”, reads the press release issued by the two companies. In detail, the agreement, which will be operational from January 2022, aims at strengthening the presence of some Barilla and Algida products in the “in home” and “out of home” channels.

The Research and Development activities of Barilla and Algida will make it possible to launch innovative references every year with the ambition of reproducing the organoleptic experience of the brand they are inspired by. For Barilla, the agreement aims to ensure consistent summer seasonality for its successful brands in the biscuit and snack sector where it is the market leader.

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