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“Beekeepers at risk? With a robotic eye we save the hives “

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Artificial intelligence will save the bees. This is the philosophy behind We’ll Bee, a new agritech startup founded by a mathematician and beekeeper from Savona, Valerio Parodi, with the Genoese Filippo Rossi: their idea revolves around a device that monitors, with the aid of a robotic eye , each hive in real time, providing the beekeeper with myriads of data that can be consulted remotely. All this, without interfering with the life of bees.

Valerio Parodi, CEO of We’ll Bee, what led you to unite two worlds so apparently distant as beekeeping and artificial intelligence?
“We are both data science experts with bachelor’s and doctor’s degrees in mathematics, and I’m also a beekeeper. I take care of about twenty hives between Bergeggi and Noli. After a series of meetings with the Agricultural University of Turin (Difasa), we understood that to save the bees we had to start helping the beekeepers. In summer, each hive is populated by 60,000 bees, a figure that makes it clear how difficult it can be, with the naked eye, to get information about death and their flying activity. Furthermore, the beekeeper is hardly updated in real time, because perhaps he has twenty hives in the area and visits them once or twice a week ».

And that’s how We’ll Bee was born.
“We’ll Bee was born in 2019, with registered office in Vado Ligure, and wins the Smart Cup Liguria award and begins its incubation path at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2020”.

What news would you like to bring to the market?
“The novelty of our device is basically a video camera placed at the entrance to the hive. The image data is revolutionary, because it allows you to acquire a lot more information about the hive. For example, if bees are importing pollen ».

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What design phase are you in?
«The device has passed the prototype stage. We are now looking for investors to produce the device and bring it to the beekeeper.


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