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Beer, excise duties are falling (and those on petrol?)

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While waiting for excise duties on gasoline to be reduced or eliminated, let us make enough of the cut in excise duties on beer. The budget law approved by Parliament at the end of 2021 brought the Italian beer sector a reduction of 5 cents on the excise duty rate for the whole of 2022, a discount of 50% for breweries with an annual production of less than 10,000 hectoliters. , 30% for breweries with annual production between 10,000 and 30,000 hectoliters and 20% for those with annual production over 30,000 hectoliters and up to 60,000.
The measure was welcomed by the sector, where AssoBirra, Coldiretti and Unionbirrai worked together and for a long time during the year just ended to pursue the request to the government and Parliament to intervene on the tax burden from excise duties, in order to put the sector in the condition of recovering the losses suffered in the pandemic period (-1.4 billion euro of shared value in 2020), of engaging a new growth path for all companies in the sector and giving impetus to a significant development of the Italian beer supply chain , also from an agricultural point of view.

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