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Beijing Forum on International Biomedical Industry Innovation: Big Names Discuss Cutting-Edge Technologies and Global Cooperation

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Big names gather in Beijing to talk about innovation in the biomedical industry

Yesterday, the first Beijing Forum on International Biomedical Industry Innovation opened, bringing together experts, scholars, and executives from various countries and Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Over 200 domestic experts and business representatives also attended the event to discuss innovations in the biomedical industry.

The forum, which focuses on “innovation” and “internationalization,” aims to foster international exchanges and mutual learning in the field of biomedicine. It also aims to create a platform for open cooperation that promotes high-quality development in the industry. The Beijing Forum will feature four special forums: the Innovative Drug R&D and Evaluation Forum, the Frontier Drug R&D Special Forum, the ICH Hotspot Guidelines Special Forum, and the International Biomedical Innovation 2023 Asia Conference.

The Innovative Drug R&D and Evaluation Forum will concentrate on “service innovation” and will include discussions and exchanges on regulatory construction. Global pharmaceutical giants, such as Bayer, Pfizer, and Roche, will share the latest progress in international innovative drug research and development. Domestic enterprises involved in new drug research and development will also discuss the current situation and future of China’s innovative drug research and development.

The Frontier Drug R&D Special Forum will focus on the development and implementation of specific frontier drug varieties, with discussions on new measures to promote the research and development of China’s cell and gene therapy products. The ICH Hotspot Guidelines Special Forum will facilitate discussions on hot topics in international regulations. Lastly, the International Biomedical Innovation 2023 Asia Conference will witness pharmaceutical regulatory agencies from China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore introducing and discussing their latest progress in regulation.

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During the “Night of Cooperation” signing activity, Beijing Economic Development Zone announced 18 projects with relevant companies, totaling nearly 3 billion yuan ($464 million) in investments. The projects fall into three categories: innovative partnership projects, cutting-edge technology cooperation projects, and advantageous platform cooperation projects.

Among the innovative partnership projects, Sanofi, one of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies, will build a new aseptic isolator filling production line and upgrade two existing assembly and packaging production lines. X-LAB Beijing will establish a global innovation platform to promote the development of new product pipelines and the industrialization of innovative varieties. Shenzhou Cell will construct new crown vaccine filling and packaging expansion projects and a biological drugs industrialization base project.

The cutting-edge technology cooperation projects include plans by Phynes to establish a headquarters project in Yizhuang, Beijing, and develop three world-leading core double-antibody technology platforms. Guodian Pharmaceutical aims to build an exosome pilot production plant, the National Biomedical Experimental Cell Resource Bank, and the Beijing Cell and Gene Frontier Technology Research Institute. Katie Medical will invest in the construction of immune cell therapy product development and industrialization projects.

In the advantageous platform cooperation projects, Zhaoyan New Drug plans to build a comprehensive service platform for new drug research and development. Pharmaron Chemicals will establish a formulation development and production CDMO platform. Qingyi Zhizao will build a cell drug research and development, commercial production service platform.

The Beijing Forum on International Biomedical Industry Innovation provides a valuable platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the biomedicine field. The extensive participation of experts, scholars, and industry leaders demonstrates the growing importance of innovation and international cooperation in the biomedical industry.

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