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Beijing Stock Exchange officially opened Bosera specializes in new themed hybrid securities investment funds on sale

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Original title: Beijing Stock Exchange officially opened the Bosera Specialized Special New Theme Hybrid Securities Investment Fund is on sale

The Beijing Stock Exchange officially opened yesterday. A total of 81 first listed companies appeared on the same day, 71 of which were selected-level companies moved to the Beijing Stock Exchange, and 10 were newly listed companies on the opening day. Among them, nearly half of the total number of enterprises recognized as “national-level specialization, special-new” and “provincial-level specialization, special-new” fully reflects the policy support of the Beijing Stock Exchange on direct financing channels for “professional, special-new” enterprises and Adhere to the market positioning of “serving innovative small and medium-sized enterprises”.

“Specialized, Specialized and New” enterprises refer to small and medium-sized enterprises with the development characteristics of “main business focused on professionalism, fine and efficient operation and management, unique products and services, and remarkable achievements in innovation capabilities”. Up to now, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued three batches of 4922 “specialized, special new” small giant enterprises, and 311 of them are A-share listed companies. “Specialized, special new” listed companies focus on high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new generation information technology, new energy and other high-end manufacturing fields. They have outstanding characteristics such as “strong profitability, large room for growth, and high R&D investment”, and are expected to become As an important supporting force for high-quality economic development in the future and an important investment line, the “hidden champion” in this field has also received more and more attention from capital.

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Bosera Fund is keen to capture investment opportunities and is leading the layout of the “specialization, special new” golden track. Bosera specializes in special new theme hybrid securities investment funds (Type A code: 014232, Type C code: 014233) is currently on sale.

As an open-end fund product, Boshi Specialty Special New Theme Hybrid Fund can be redeemed at any time, providing investors with sufficient convenience and flexibility. At the same time, the fund can not only invest in the “specialized and special new” high-quality companies of the Beijing Stock Exchange, but also can invest in “specialized, special and new” companies in other A-share sectors, with a wider range of options and investment targets.

The proposed fund manager of the Bosera Specialized New Theme Hybrid Fund Guo Xiaolin is currently the fund manager of the Equity Investment Division 4 and the leader of the new energy investment and research integration team of Bosera Funds. He has 9.2 years of experience in the securities industry and began to manage public funds in 2016. He focuses on the pan-technology field and is optimistic about the future development of the TMT, new energy, pharmaceutical and Internet industries. “Based on industry trend research, he strives to explore and invest in outstanding companies in good industries.”

Regarding investment strategy, Guo Xiaolin explores highly competitive companies by selecting high-growth industries and determining reasonable pricing methods. Looking ahead, as the trend of overseas economic recovery is basically determined, Guo Xiaolin predicts that there will still be structural opportunities in the overall market, as well as many outstanding growth companies that have not been fully paid attention to, especially in technological innovation, given the better profitability of domestic companies this year. field. The new fund issued this time will strive to achieve a smooth transition of the portfolio during the opening period, and select high-quality targets that are sufficiently cost-effective.

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Boshi Fund is one of the first five fund management companies established in Mainland China, and it is also one of the fund companies with the largest asset management scale and the largest number of public offering products in my country. Based on long-term in-depth research on the direction of hard technology and emerging industries, Boshi Fund has established a systematic research framework for the “specialized, special, new” track, and through the company’s investment and research integrated structure, it has established the upstream and downstream of the industry chain The linked research system aims to create value for investors with professional capabilities.

Risk warning: Funds are different from financial instruments with fixed income expectations such as bank savings and bonds. Different types of funds have different risk and return situations. Investors may share the income generated by fund investment or bear the loss caused by fund investment. The fund manager promises to manage and use the fund assets based on the principles of honesty, credibility, diligence and due diligence, but it does not guarantee the profit of the fund, nor does it guarantee the return. There is a risk of fluctuations in the net value of the fund, and the performance of other funds managed by the fund manager does not constitute a contribution to the performance of the fund. Assurance of performance, the past performance of the fund does not indicate its future performance. Investors should carefully read the “Fund Contract”, “Prospectus” and “Product Summary” and other legal documents, and pay attention to the suitability opinions issued by the company in a timely manner. The opinions of various sales organizations on suitability are not necessarily consistent. The suitability of the company The matching opinion does not indicate a substantive judgment or guarantee of the risk and return of the fund. There are differences in the fund contract regarding the fund’s risk-return characteristics and the fund’s risk level due to different considerations. Investors should understand the risk and return of the fund, make careful decisions based on their own investment objectives, duration, investment experience, and risk tolerance, and bear their own risks. They should not adopt sales behaviors that do not comply with the requirements of laws and regulations and illegal promotional materials. The details and purchase channels of the funds mentioned in this material can be inquired on the official website of the manager—Bosera Funds-Fund Products. The website for the introduction of related business qualifications of Bosera Funds is: http://www.bosera.com/column/index.do ?classid=00020002000200010007.

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