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Beijing Stock Exchange: Resolutely Remove Low-Quality Companies and Build a Diversified Delisting Indicator System_Supervisory Report_Practice_Information Disclosure

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Original title: Beijing Stock Exchange: Resolutely clear out inferior companies and build a diversified delisting indicator system

Zhongxin Finance, February 22. On the 22nd, the Beijing Stock Exchange released the “Beijing Stock Exchange and New Third Board 2021 Market Self-Regulation and Supervision Report”. The report shows that the Beijing Stock Exchange forcibly delisted 327 companies that failed to disclose periodic reports on time and other major violations of laws and regulations, and 9 companies that had not been supervised by leading brokerages for more than 3 months, and resolutely eliminated low-quality companies.

The report stated that both supervision and service should be emphasized, and the level of standardized operation should be improved. Adhere to the two-wheel drive of information disclosure and corporate governance, strengthen the review of regular reports, and pay close attention to the disclosure of important announcements such as major transactions, corrections and reissues, and risk warnings. Improve the standardization and convenience of information disclosure; carry out a series of special actions on corporate governance, urge companies to self-examine and rectify weak problems, and strictly control the “three red lines” of capital occupation and illegal guarantees, financial fraud and false disclosure, insider trading and market manipulation, A long-term governance mechanism was gradually formed.

Deepen the integration of supervision into services, establish a “housekeeper-style” direct connection mechanism, achieve direct supervision with companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange and nearly 800 listed companies, and be an “instructor” for daily business, “interpreter” of regulatory rules, and “propaganda” for reform policies. Soldiers” to stimulate the endogenous power of standardized operation of enterprises.

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We will improve the market exit mechanism, and orderly remove low-quality companies. Published and implemented the “Implementation Rules for Termination of Listing” and supporting implementation guidelines, implemented relevant arrangements for companies with more than 200 shareholders after delisting, and improved the situation and requirements for compulsory delisting; Forcibly delisted 9 companies that had been under supervision for more than 3 months, and resolutely cleared out low-quality companies. Build a diversified delisting indicator system of the Beijing Stock Exchange, improve the regular delisting and immediate delisting systems, and establish differentiated exit arrangements. Eligible companies delisted from the Beijing Stock Exchange can withdraw to the innovation layer or basic layer to achieve risk “classification” Relief, Sufficient Sustained Release”.

Consolidate the responsibilities of intermediaries and play the role of “gatekeeper”. Formulate detailed rules for the evaluation of the practice quality of securities companies, establish an integrated evaluation and supervision framework for the Beijing Stock Exchange and the New Third Board, and guide securities companies to comprehensively improve their practice quality. Establish an audit institution’s practice information disclosure system to further improve the transparency of accounting firms’ practice information. Continued to strengthen the continuous supervision of the sponsoring securities companies and the supervision of accountants’ auditing business, and sent a total of 97 annual report inquiries to intermediaries. Strengthen the accountability of intermediary institutions, standardize the behavior of practitioners through prompts, interviews and other measures in a timely manner, and take 40 self-regulatory measures against intermediary institutions throughout the year to effectively consolidate intermediary responsibilities. (over)Return to Sohu, see more

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