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Berlusconi Jr, Coin and Vitale: the chain that controls Domino’s is in liquidation

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Berlusconi Jr, Coin and Vitale: the chain that controls Domino’s is in liquidation

EPizza managed the 20 affiliated establishments of Domino’s Pizza in Italy, in 2021 it had 20 million debts

Judicial liquidation for pizza of which they are also members Louis Berlusconi (son of Silvio), Peter Coin (son of Vittorio former owner of the large distribution group of the same name) e Raffaele Vitaleson of Alberto and nephew of the late banker Guido Roberto.

In fact, a few days ago Luca Giani judge of the court of Milan has opened the liquidation of EPizza spa naming Danilo Cinnamon as trustee by summoning the creditors on 21 June next for the examination of the state of liabilities. There liquidation it takes place after the rejection last November of the composition proposal (certified by Francesco Carnevali), by the same court.

EPizza managed the 20 local affiliates of Domino’s Pizza, one of the two most important global chains in the sector, which has recently closed its doors. The company, chaired and founded in 2015 by Marcello Bottolisaw English as the first shareholder with 45%. Evcp Growth followed with 35% by Legendary Investments and precisely of the latter are shareholders, among others, the Ithaca and the Ithaca 2’s Berlusconi junior, the Novagen by Cointhe Elilani di Vitale (now manager of the private equity firm Pai Partners) and also Vfm by Roberto Ferraresimanaging director of The Equity Clubthe club of the of Mediobanca.

In 2021 EPizza it had a turnover of 10.5 million euros but had debts of almost 20 million, of which 5.3 million to banks. The composition plan envisaged the realization of 1.5 million to service the creditors themselves, also thanks to the sale of 5 points of sale for 400 thousand euros to the MilanoRp Of Aldo Carbone which controls the brandRunner Pizza”. In addition, the partners had undertaken to waive one million pre-deductible credits. By doing so i pre-deductible credits and those of the workers would have been 100% satisfied, those with privileges 17.3%, the others 1% up to 0.5% reserved for unsecured workers. But all this did not convince the Court of Milan which disputed the entity of the pre-deductible credits and thus placed the shareholders of EPizza ahead of the road to liquidation.

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