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Berry Gene: Thalassemia Gene Test Kit Passed Registration Test_ 东方 Fortune.com

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  Berry GeneNoon on December 27announcement, The wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Berry Hekang Genetic Diagnosis Technology Co., Ltd. recently receivedChinese foodThe registration test report issued by the Institute for Drug Control, the company’s thalassaemia gene detection kit (single-molecule sequencing method) technical requirements test results meet the requirements, the kit is based on the third generationQualcommThe quantitative sequencing platform detects thalassemia-related gene mutations, which can be applied to the screening and auxiliary diagnosis of thalassemia gene carriers.

The registration test of this kit will help the company realize the commercial transformation of the third-generation thalassaemia gene detection and accelerate the clinical translational application of the third-generation sequencing.The company will continue to complete the kitmedical instrumentsThe registration and application process, if the product is approved for listing in the future, it will further improve the company’s tertiary prevention product pipeline and strengthen the company’s market competitiveness in the field of gene sequencing, which is expected to have a positive impact on the company’s future operations.

(Article source: ShanghaiSecuritiesNewspaper ChinaSecuritiesnetwork)

Article source: Shanghai Securities News·China Securities Net

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Original title: Berry Gene: Thalassemia Gene Test Kit Passed Registration Test

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