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Best shares of today February 7 at the Milan Stock Exchange

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Best shares of today February 7 at the Milan Stock Exchange

The best shares to buy and sell today in Piazza Affari

The future on the Milan Stock Exchange is up 0.2%. The shares to buy today February 7, 2023.



Rbc raise the judgment a Interesting. tp at 7.5 I was


per Goldman Sachs subtract SELL,


Rbc lifts the judgment a Interesting with Tp 5.5 and 6.5 euros.



The competitor timet presented 2002 data in line with forecasts.


It earns 4.9% to €4.89 and approaches the historical record set on January 27 at €5.08. Since the beginning of the year, the stock has grown by +19%. The company capitalizes around 98 million euros. The consensus of the analysts collected by Bloomberg is composed only of Intermonte SIM: BUY opinion and target price of 5.50 euros. The technical analysis recommends increasing the position at the first closing above 5.10 euros, for a final target towards 8.0 euros. Sell ​​under 4%.


Up 5.2% to €9.94 From the beginning of the year +8% for a capitalization of around 235 million euros. The Bloomberg consensus is made up of Intermonte and Equita. Both have a Buy, with targets at €15.20 and €12.0 respectively. The technical analysis suggests buying at current prices, ready to increase at the first close above 10.50 euros towards 13.70 euros. Prudently place first closing sales below 9 euros.


Magic Climb starts, the Boosting Program aimed at scaleups and startups, launched by Digital Magics, together with its reference partner Tip of which Gianni Tamburi is the founder For the first edition, three startups have been selected, offering solutions for the world of finance, logistics and sustainability. It’s about Vice versa, financing platform that supports business growth, Wiresthe most important Italian community for sharing the transport of bulky goods, e AWorldapp capable of designing software technologies for the analysis of consumption styles and for calculating the carbon footprint attributable to each user.


Through Nextchem, the oil service expands its portfolio of technologies in the circular economy, acquiring control of Catc, plastic recycling technology.


Long-term forecasts for the semiconductor sector are positive, thanks to the increasingly strategic role played by chips. This is what says John Neuffer, the president and CEO of SIA, the Semiconductor Industry Association SIA announced December 2022 global chip sales of $43.4 billion, down -15% year over year and -4% month over month. Geographically, Europe is the only growing area (+3%). Japan is stable, while the Americas, Asia and China are down -7%, -17% and -26% respectively.

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FTSE MIB (27.022)

February extends the rally started in October. It is now one step away from the top around at 28,000 points, very strong resistance. Better be light on your purchases.


The decisions of the central banks have confirmed that there is room for a slowdown in the tightening of interest rates. The surprise came on Friday when it became known that the US labor market is not being affected by the rigid monetary policies. Investors therefore took cover by returning to buying dollars, in view of a longer-than-expected period of high interest rates, and lightening up stocks, bonds and commodities. However there is still no alarm. Wall Street closed down, S&P500 -0.6%, Nasdaq -1%, effectively consolidating the strong rally from the beginning of the year. The Nasdaq still gains 13.2%. Push-ups are opportunities, for those who missed it, to jump on the train.



It closes at €4.2. Count today. The rally that started in July consolidates on the tops for the period, after having almost doubled the capitalization. The fundamental analysis of Websim indicates a Tp at €5.2 and Intesa Sanpaolo at €4.9


At €1.36 it consolidates on the tops for the period, after more than doubling its capitalization from the lows of September. Wait for the 1.5 level before closing the position. Websim’s fundamental analysis indicates Tp at €1.8 as Bofa. You quote 2€


Closing 0.29 The resistances in the 0.3 eu area could take some time to be overcome. This is lightening area for trading. The fundamental analysis of Equity Sim confirms rating BUY con TP di 0,39 €. Experts focus on rumors surrounding KKR’s offering in terms of asset valuation and governance They note that the possibility of having two offers for the network remains the most likely and most attractive scenario for the stock. The company specified that the non-binding offer for the network by Kkr has a duration of 4 weeks from 1 February and, as already communicated, Tim’s board of directors will meet on 24 February. The result are wide-ranging talks that are currently being held around the CDP-Macquarie consortium with other funds, including Blackstone. However, these would be talks in a very preliminary phase.


Closing at €0.16. Prices push to exit the 0.11-0.16 eu band which lasts from May towards the top of 2022 in the 0.19 eu area.


€25.5 Despite the consolidation of the last few days, the signs remain in favor of a medium-term reaction towards the threshold of €30

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At €18.15 it deals with a very difficult area, 18-20 eu, area of lightening for trading.


At €1.7. Consolidate for about 3 weeks. Expect an acceleration after the break at 1.75/1.8. For the experts of Equity Sim, the acquisition of Clough should bring Webuild over 600 million in additional turnover from 2023. The operation also allows the group to significantly strengthen its positioning on the Australian market with Clough (a company with over 100 years of history and a strong brand in Australia) which will be used as a growth platform in the area. Australia becomes the second market for Webuild with a total portfolio of over 12 billion.




UBS raised the target prices on ANIMA (Neutral rating) from €3.6 to €4.1, maintaining il rating neutral.


From UBS rating Neutral with Tp and 32,3 at 34,6 €


Ubs raised the tp from €9.3 to €10 with Buy recommendation Analysts have improved their 2023-2025 EPS estimates on asset management by 3-8% by adopting a more positive view on assets under management for the current year.


Launches the 1.7 billion share buyback plan from 13 February to 12 May. Equity Sim raised the TP by 14% to €3.3, confirming the Buy recommendation. “Q4 2022 results better than expected – Akros raised the TP from €2.5 to €2.7, confirming the Accumulate recommendation. – Jefferies raised the TP from €2.4 to €2.6, confirming the Wait recommendation. Intermonte raised the TP from €3 to €3.2, confirming the Interesting recommendation. BofA raised its rating from Neutral to Interesting, with TP going from €2.7 to €3.25. Kepler Cheuvreux raised the TP from €2.75 to €2.8, confirming the Interesting recommendation. General Society raised the TP from €2.45 ​​to €2.6, confirming the BUY recommendation. UBS raised the TP from €2.7 to €2.85, confirming the BUY recommendation.


Equity Sim conferma rating BUY with TP of 12 €. Experts on 2022 leave their estimates unchanged, believing that expectations (improved on the occasion of the third quarter results for orders and net debt) are all respected. For 2023, however, the estimates are reduced as it is believed that inflation and energy prices cannot be fully offset in the short term, the rise in interest rates will slightly increase financial charges, the benefits of orders deriving from the rise in the military budgets of Western countries will probably not manifest themselves significantly in the short term. – Mediobanca Securities confirms Outperform rating and TP of €12

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None report



Rbc keeps the waiting judgement



Press rumor that the activist fund Bluebell is gathering allies in favor of its requests that aim to replace the CEO and a spin-off. The stock also benefits from news that the company has filed for EU approval of aflibercept 8 mg as a treatment for age-related neovascular degeneration and diabetic macular oedema.


Goldman Sachs initiated hedging on a BUY-rated Swiss semiconductor group stock.


Government bond sales continue. 10-Year Treasury Notes at 3.60% The market is betting that the Federal Reserve will need to raise interest rates above 5% and hold them there to cool too high inflation in an economy that sees a still strong labor market. 10-year Btp at 4.15%, +12 basis points. The Treasury has announced that it will issue a new Btp Italia with a 5-year maturity from 6 to 9 March. A loyalty bonus of 8 per thousand is envisaged for those who purchase the security upon issue and hold it until maturity, on 14 March 2028.



Brent at $81.80 Up 1%, after closing last week with a drop of -7.7%. The fears of a slowdown caused by the possible global recession and the hopes of growth in demand caused by the restart of China are dribbled without too much conviction


It closed with little movement at 58.0 euros. Prices on the lows and every passing day brings the end of winter closer. At the end of last week, US gas inventories were up 9.4%.


The euro falls to 1.074 on the dollar. Today is on the agenda a speech by Jerome Powell. Yesterday, non-voting Federal Reserve board member Atlanta branch chairman Raphael Bostic spoke. In his commentary on the January employment data, Bostic listed all that the central bank needs to do to bring inflation back within mandate limits. The approach of the 1.11/1.12 area triggered purchases of dollars with a view to diversification.


A $1,874,opens up 0.4%. The rise in market rates and the rebound of the dollar (+3% in four sessions) led to an expected correction in gold. The underlying trend remains set to up. Reductions towards $1,850/1,800 are an opportunity to buy with a view to portfolio diversification.


Wise is the one who does not get carried away by the passion for goldbut can control it.

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